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Well, gentle readers, I’ve done it !

I’ve managed to accomplish what I did not believe was possible.

I woke up this morning with “the white page” syndrome.


No idea what subject I should address in this column!


Let’s do another one of those “re-caps”.


Ho hum.


Now there’s a subject !


Okayyyy.  Now it is outta control.

jet planeBut back to Brexit (une momento, pour favor).  Ain’t they sumthin, dem dare Brits?  Ain’t they something?

First they have what appears to be the presumptive candidate in former London mayor Boris Johnson, who in quick-step fashion steps aside for a “back-stabbing former ‘bud’ ” (betcha he’s Hillary’s “cuz”), who it…

…THEN looks like will be replaced by, low and behold stepping up to the plate, none other than a “moderate” conservative (you listening, Paul Ryan – you are the presumptive John McCain, are you not? Let’s face it, folks, a “moderate” conservative is nothing more than a libby Liberal in WOLF’s clothing) – Teresa May (this chick’s got some brass kahonas, huh?  I mean, what does it mean to be conservative any more?).

(Speaking of London mayors, how about the utter audacity of this guy, huh?  From the people who gave us “Twiggy”.  Sheesh!  They were Madison avenue before there was a Madison Avenue.  Eghads (and I am sure there will be fundamentalist Christians who align with this boob).  Good golly Miss Molly).

I wonders at what point will Sharia law be introduced into our American cities?  Can you see the interplay between they and Honey Boo Boo.  Should be a real riot (literally).

So where does this leave this ol’ world?

wilt_the_stiltWell, the stock market has come back with a vengeance.  The people who comprise the market realize that in spite of the major players, in spite of their politics, AND in spite of their “moral compasses” (better get them into the shop – they broke), it will continue to thrive.

And why?

Because regular people are just simply fed up with this horse hockey.

They know they don’t have any leadership.

What’s more, they know, the world keeps spinning in spite of (deference to?) who is in charge.


That said for economies.  What about people?

You know, in our country, “We The People” rule (yuck, yuck).

We do (supposedly – if we can keep our Commander’s in Chief  in check – say that four times out loud).

But we can’t.

We are at the whims of their misbegotten mercy.

Maybe they will do right by us, maybe they will attend Canook Pariliament and get cheered by Conservatives and Liberals alike (“Four More Years” thus proving that the further Nawth that you go, the less likely you are to be “conservative” at all – it is a relative term, and Canada’s conservatives are likely equivalent to our beloved Boston’s liberals (imagine just how liberal the libs are, up yonder).

Four more years, indeed.  The wet dream of the liberal.

So what’s a fella to do?


Yeah, right.  Once we re-establish “justice” in this great Nation – maybe then we will see justice served.  For now, you Judges should go take a bath.  A nice hot one.  Hot enough to kill lice.  Follow that up with another, and another and another, followed by a nice scrub with oatmeal-infused lye soap (that “might” wash of the ick – alternately you could join your friends in the murky fringe of the river bank below, the celebrated carp, of whom you must be quite familiar (they too are covered in “ick”, and feed off scum and detritus that congeals in the bottom of the crik).

But life goes on, right?  All part of the natural chain.

And what do you expect from a Clinton (or the White House which they have in their pockets, or “their” courts.  Yee ha, head of the DOJ).


Is ther2cv_watschelne an operations simpler than adding and subtracting?  This one is truly transparent.

Unlike our President.

“Hey Barrack – better get on home now.  Your momma’s calling”.

Hill-baby!  You go, girl.

Just like a Clinton to do an “end run”.  What you got  on ol’ Barry, huh?

But every good tailback knows, you can’t cheat the four horsemen of the Apocalypse for long.

They know your thoughts.

They know your heart.

Screenshot_2016-07-02_08-26-25.pngThey are wraiths.  You remember wraiths.  You see that Hobbit series there on the T.V.?


Dudes on the dark horses.

Behold this vile defile that used to be a man.

Now, they areScreenshot_2016-07-02_08-28-22.png wraiths.

I would say black-hearted wraiths, but they have no hearts at all, now do they?  No soul left salvageable.

They are Wraiths, for goodness sake.


They are the four horsemen, and they you shall NOT pass.


What can you say about that?  Those Ruskies, they get their vengeance like a Jew hunting a G-Natsie.

No stone un-turned, huh?

Screenshot_2016-05-22_07-35-42Don’t dare shoot down one of their commercial airliners (right Turkey?).

Well, who are we to talk, huh (remember 9-11).

Oh, and while we are at it – remember the Alamo.

And tippee-canoe (and Tyler too).

But seriously folks.

People died at the Brown’s Ferry massacre (and at Bunker hill).

Shall we forget them too.

Why not?  What does it matter now? They don’t teach them in school any more.  No longer relevant.  Like our Constitution (I think Barrack and Michelle’s lawyer buds are about to see JUST how relevant it still can be).

chinese-propaganda-8Hard to choke it out, but one does have to wonder about the cost of justice (is it ever justified – ask the Father of a child harmed by the likes of a pedophile.  Most I know would do a crime, just to get close enough to the bastard, JUST to choke his lights out).

I’m JUST saying.

Who harms children.

And children of God?


JUSTice, huh?  Whatta ya gonna do?


Gumby, is dead! News at Eleven.

Cold dish, bud.  Cod dish.

Well, that’s about it.  Got chores to do (and people to see, and miles and miles to go before I sleep.

Let’s get some Eagles tribute going on, huh?





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