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Brexit, Texit Hollubaloo – UN, IMF, EU, PU, CU

Some cheer, huh?



Screenshot_2016-04-23_08-50-54So thin skinned.

Did you see this week where they are talking about prosecuting global walarmist skeptics?


How dare any bring Chicken Little’s integrity into question.

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling”.


Sheeple. Sheeple shearing Sheeple, are the pluckiest Sheeple in the Red Commie world.

This is actually the same mentality of those who thought the world was flat.  Chicken Little is one way to describe them, although I can think of Chicken Something else…ahem.

Small minded people prosecuting those who do not think as do they.

Next thing you know, they’ll unleash United Nation forces against their own populace.

And this is freedom?

This is the “ring of truth” that Obama first envisioned when he spoke of change?

How do you like this change?

Now we live in a world in which terror has been manufactured and perpetrated by one’s own government.  They feed it, they culture it, and they sustain it.


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (R) shakes hands with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in Damascus April 4, 2007. REUTERS/SANA (SYRIA)

They are the gas on the fire and the fan to the flame.

In Britain, they can vote “no confidence” (and boy, did they ever).

Some blame it on immigration, others racism (cheap, if you ask me) – still others on economic matters.

Me, all of the above and then some.


Then some “on their backs, in their business and in their wallets”.Screenshot_2016-02-20_10-50-04

So it is about control “issues” (and those who feel it slipping from their grasp).

It is like that with people who have no grasp of reality.

Likegulag_churchill a temper tantrum thrown in the White House, these people are beginning to feel their grip on reality slipping.

You see what can happen when you follow a fantasy?  When you allow thugs to take over your government.

Ask Germany what they think of that one.

When people who are elected your leaders abrogate their responsibility?  Abrogate, our very constitution.

They honestly do not look like men of iron constitution.

Our forefathers did.

They had guts, and they sought freedom for all, and through their iron will, they forged it in our Constitution.

fyodor-dostoyevsky-quote-the-socialist-who-is-a-christian-is-more-toThey paved the way for freedom from tyranny for all.

Look how quickly a little lethargy and dullard thinking can lead to this brazen chicanery.

For those men who claimed Christianity, slavery is something well known in our history.

Our Lord and Master was for a moment enslaved when He dragged that cross to His (and our) ultimate destiny.

But what a liberation it was in that “final” hour.

It was not simply the fabric of the Temple that was rent; not the shirt on our breasts, but our very hearts that were ripped in twain.

But yet again we see the feeble attempts at man’s design on man – to control…to enslave.

Where is there free thought in this?

Where the enlightenment?

There is none.Patriot01

Only foolhardy and blasted control.

Maniacal men, hell-bent on force-feeding others their demented philosophy.

It is not Texit or Brexit that is the wild-eyed wonder here.

It is an elected leadership gone completely mad.

Rather than turn the water cannons on us, it is high time that morally upright and civilly responsible people turn this around on these straw bosses.

Arresting people because they disagree with your assertions about the environment – indeed!

What sort of nonsense is this?

Well, it is the same sort that would unleash UN troops on American soil.

These bums in the radical movements with their “sit ins” and their “occupation” (were that it were jobs instead of deadbeats disrupting an entire town), or their raised fists and collectivist salutes too reminiscent of Nazis.

It is they who shackle free thought.

firman_in_a_bindThey place chains on all, and eventually they too will become prey to the snare.

They are their own undoing.

Completely out of control.


Benjamin Disraeli

When will good sense return to Washington?

When this form of radicalism is exposed to the pure light of unadulterated American self-respect.

In no time they have managed to turn a peaceful and lawful society into a chaotic mass of hysteria and utter frustration.

reagan-goldwaterWhat will right this ship?

Common sense.

Placing faith back in the American people.

Re-establishing justice.

Placing leaders in office who actually lead (rather than being led by their dictum).

There is still hope for this Nation (and for the world).

But not following the “leadership” we have seen of late.

Britain gets it.

Maybe it is time D.C. takes a heavy dose of it as well.

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