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Little Brexit Blue

Sad day in Britannia!

You know, I poke a lot of fun here at The Precipice.

It is kinda “my thing”.

Just an opportunity to “vent”, let out some frustrations and have a little fun poking at the opposition.

This does not justify some of my columns – doesn’t make it “right”, but they have no end of fun poking at we conservatives as well.

It is the cat and mouse.

The Art of Lore.

I can’t exactly say it is “good natured”, but it is largely harmless.

As the adage goes “sticks, and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

And it is true.

But in politics, people live and die by their reputation.

We slam theirs, they slam ours – and the reader is caught in a ping-pong match and enjoying (I hope) the back-and-forth.

The Brexit vote is upon us, and there is something I wish to say regarding passion.

I believe that it is grand to have opinions.

I think that people can be as dirty as they wish in hurling insults, demeaning one another, and essentially ripping one anther a new one (metaphorically speaking, of course – ouch!).

But I draw the line at violence.

That is a sacrosanct demarcation no one should ever cross.

There is always that point where you “go too far”.

It is the precipice’ edge, and there is no turning back from the chasm that beckons below.

Nature takes its course, and unless you are Icarus, well, splat ! (Maybe even then – if you fly too high).

What happened in England this week is a travesty.  Truly a travesty.

I did not agree with the young lady’s politics, but I can tell you that she did not deserve to die.

Not over politics.

When does any really deserve a death sentence?  Well, there is the obvious.

But she was not a pedophile, a rapist, a murderer or deranged mad woman.

She was a simple politician standing for her beliefs.

Jo Cox was cut down by a white supremacist (allegedly).


That simple.

“It” is “over there”.  “It” is the moral equivalent of Jihad, and “it” can not be justified as anything other than base de-evolution;  Neanderthal (and my apology in advance to that fine “race” of caveman).

“It” is growing its ugly head once again.

I grew up in a South where “it” was prevalent.

They were like a gestapo of sorts.  If you weren’t with them, you were against them.

Their version of public enemy number one.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a documentary on the life and times of Janis Joplin.

What a beautiful soul she was, eh?

I had no idea.

My perception had always been this chunky, loud, sort of free spirit who I figured would personally be like some bar fly hippie who prattles on and on about her beliefs and what she stands for and all that jazz.

A real “martyr” for “the cause”.

You know, a real revolutionary (unlike our forefathers, who were just a bunch of morons – to hear the hippie tell their version of stoner history).

Who knew that she was such a beautiful lady, with such a beautiful spirit.  I bet there was a lot of that with that bunch of poet-stoners.

She also took a stand against racism in a South (Texas) during a time when it was not “healthy” to do so.

That, I admire.

She was, in a way, a defender of what is right.

Now, before I become too enamored with all this (and the comparisons between Ms. Cox and Ms. Joplin), let me get back to topic

The column is not really about race, or racism.

In fact, her murder (MP Cox) was not about race.

Not about creed.

Not about color.

Her murder was about Britain dropping out of the European Union.


That is the front end of the story.

The back story is, the fellow who killed her was all about getting immigrants out of the UK.

These two concepts are tied inextricably at the hip.

Europe has a VERY liberal approach, and their borders are not porous – they are non-existent.

If they are not careful, soon, Europe will be non-existent too.

The game our “leaders” are playing is one of “acceptable” casualty rate.

Orlando likely calculates into this model, as does MP Cox.

Paul Ryan is obviously backing the anti-Brexit movement.

He says he will “trump” Trump.

We now know where he stands.

He supports the mass influx of refugees.


Ask yourself “why”?

When the very first war started, I remember vividly (this was George Bush senior’s admin) – I remember vividly Colin Powell making the assessment “if you break it, Chief, you buy it”.


Does this explain where we are twenty plus years later?

We “broke” it, so now we are buying it? Paying for it by compromising Western civilization and our very way of life.

I just read a poll where 58% of American Muslims SUPPORT sharia as their preferred legal system.  THAT is significant.

Can you imagine Hillary or the Donald having that sort of margin in a poll.  Sure thing, huh?

Endlessly I have heard these comparisons as to how this great influx is akin to the Irish and the Italian (and other parts of Europe and the world) immigration to America early on in the last century.

Somehow, I don’t think it is the same.

They had their squabbles, but they were not here solely and chiefly to undermine and over-throw our government, our churches and our way of life.  Down to the last man, woman and child, they were likely all Christian.

Yes, there were pockets of violence.  They came in, in droves.  Some of them carried “beefs” with one another from the old country. My country is better than your country…my daddy bigger than yours.

Some nationalities just simply do not like one another.

As a nation, we have embraced the Vietnamese, the Korean.  The African.  Persian.  Hell, even the Canadian (no offense, Great White North – we love ya bunches).

We are a nation that embraces.

But we are also an intelligent nation.

You see, if you embrace a Tiger, you will get bit.

I wonder if Mr. Ryan understands this?

But I digress, once again.

This column is really about the edge, and not crossing that line into an infinite doom.

My heart goes out to England this morning, and most especially to the family, loved ones, friends and colleagues of MP Cox.

While she and myself might have been adversary in a different world, she did not deserve to die for her beliefs.

May God go with her husband, and their little children.

And may the full force of justice rain down on the perpetrator of this most-unjust and tremendously-heinous and vile act.

And throughout the world, may good sense, good policy, and good debate be the rule of the day (not some dictatorial and maniacal religion, or other sort of fanatic, like the brazen hippie).

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