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Finally, I’ve Cracked the Impossible Conundrum !

The mind of the liberal.

Still working on the female mind (I hope I never figure that one out !  The intrigue is in the perpetual discovery.).

But the liberal mind – I think I have nailed it.

Pegged that muddah – right between the eyes.

They “see” things.



I was reading an article, and it occurred to me.

The article was about this outfit that has “seen” a legendary leviathan of the deep in – where else?  A Google Earth photo.

You know, it just had to be there.  Where else?  Al Gore owns a butt load of stock in Google, Google hates liberals and works against any of their posts and views, and hell, Al Gore invented the damned internet (and gave the Googley-eyed googler’s their legs, and er, uh, their peepers (now, if only they could actually “see” with them).

They say it is some aberrant octopi that has grown to a thousand feet, or some such claim.

And then it hit me.

I’ve always, ALWAYS wondered who the people are who “see” all this crap.

You’ve got the faces on Mars.

Little green men in the corn field down yonder in the back forty.

Alien spaceship bases on the moon.

Faces in the Marijuna smoke wafting from their bongs.

They have “seen” spaceships that shadow the Space station.

They’ve seen images in the visors of our lunar astronauts (lunar pioneers?).

Everywhere they look, they see “things”.

They see novels that were written about them, they see terrorists in Christian houses of worship, and they see women who they think desire them, but actually are only using them for their money and their infamy.

They don’t believe we landed on the moon; they believe that corporations are out to rob us of our lives, and our souls.  That conservatives are all hateful bastards that are the intellectual and moral equivalent of Josef Stalin.

Remind me of a drunk with his hallucinatory mindset emanating from the DT’s from which he interminably suffers.

Who are these people?

Why, they are all the liberals, of course.

Where have all the hippies gone?  Gone to conspiracy theories, every one.  Too damned many magic mushrooms.  Too much hatred of Barry Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan.

And what is much, much more telling is what these people don’t see.

They are so busy looking for little green men, and a man on the moon they fail to see the terrorists who are crossing our borders in DROVES !

Too busy seeking out vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Too busy, and I quote “considering all the right-wing, conservative terrorists” who are going to respond to this bombing in Orlando (yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one).

He (the President) says he is “transparent”.

Well to me, he is cellophane.  See right through him (now).

Now, I can see, he has his head so buried up all these fantasies (like those of his fellow, liberal compatriots) that what he is failing to see is just how miserably he is, and they are – failing.

The moderate milquetoast John McCain first blames Obama for this mess, then in brash and cavalier moderate milquetoast fashion retracts his original (and perhaps knee-jerk) conjecture blaming the President, and then clarifies that it is the President’s policies that are at fault.

Sorry Congressman, to this white boy from the hills of Tennessee, I say to you “same diff”.

I do not “see” that there is a difference at all.

But you won’t “see” it, because you have too much liberal “taint” about you.

You will see what the geniuses at comic con see.  A universe that is pure fantasy.

Now, before they all get “up in arms”, I know that at least “some” of them are able to separate reality from fantasy.

In fact, I might go so far as to say that some have accepted that Leonard Nimoy will definitely NOT be resurrected on some far-away planet where some Genesis experiment has been taking place.

Most of them likely understand that dead is dead, and that the actor formerly known as “Spock” is no longer with us.  He could be riding a universal wave and catching a universal buzz with that artist formerly known as something else, but I feel fairly confident he will not come back in the next episode of Star Trek…no speeches, no sermons, and with Mr. Nimoy, definitely no booze.

But outside this, there are those who likely don’t accept it.  They join those who believe Elvis is still kicking.

And it is this mentality, precisely and exactly, that has lead to the sorry state we are in as a nation.

To believe that an inanimate object, like a gun, possesses some super-power…that it can take on a life of its own and kill multitudes – what a tea-total crock of rubbish is that.

It is a mindset that killed those people; a mindset that existed with the terrorists who hijacked the planes that hit our towers and our Pentagon; a mindset that killed those marines in their barracks; a mindset that kills them still with road-side bombs.

The plane was used as a weapon.  It did not fly itself into those towers; terrorists DID. Jihadist, Muslim, terrorists.

Now sure, there are other terrorists in the world; but right now, they are taking a back seat to their cousins who have perfected this dark art.

This is not some fantasy.

No comic book hero is going to leap from the pages to save us from this one.

The war is real, and the war is being fought on our soil.

We were attacked at 9/11, and we were attacked in Orlando.

We will be attacked again, I sadly venture to guess.  But the time is nigh when there will be terrific responses.  It creeping up your leg, from behind you – you will feel its breath on your scrwany necks.  But unlike you, it will not be taking off heads.  Nope.

But I would not put (or waste) my money on home-grown, conservative, terrorists.  This is nothing more than pathetic political rhetoric, and equally as abhorrent as taking this opportunity to chastise guns, and gun owners (and further to insult them all by calling them terrorist, or potential, wannabe, terrorists).

It demonstrates wholly the mentality of this lot.  To believe that a gun has a “spirit”.  Yikes.  And I thought after reading the article by the Christian Science Monitor reporter who was held hostage and discovered that her hostage takers were watching Tom and Jerry cartoons that we were in real trouble fighting an enemy of this level of intellect; now, to my chagrin, I have discovered that we (some of us) are not much better.

We are conservative for a reason, and we normally will wait for the fight to come to us before we knock somebody’s block off.

Shoot when we see the whites of their eyes (just our forefathers taught us).  We don’t spit in the eye of OUR forefathers – we take heed at their victory, and their principles.

And these eyes will be very real.

They won’t be the comic book variety, and they will not be of some extra-terrestrial origin.  No death rays shooting from them, no limey green slime oozing from them.

They will be humans like you and me (with one exception); they are hell-bent for terror, and we are heaven-bent for peace.

Their eyes are mad; our eyes are laser focused.

Down on the farm, they have a saying – “when it comes to the nut-cutting time”.  We all know what that means.  Serious business.

It is not a pleasant time, that one (I know).  But I also know it to be a necessary time, and a time that must come to pass.

War is like that too.

A God-Awful thing, but something that arises, and must be dealt with.

Like that time on the farm, it needs to be done with great care, whatever compassion you may lay on such an act as this, and great speed, and even greater efficacy.

You have to do it, do it quickly (and as humanely as possible – sharp razor helps) and do it completely and tea-totally.

You see, we have been listening to liberals too long.

It is they who have been touting cutting off the head of the enemy.

Their aim was off.

And, they don’t seem to notice that once one head is cut off, ten more take it’s place.

Cut off the origin of their insane terror, and you cut off its progeny as well.

So maybe we can hope the liberal will pull his head out of his comic books, stop blaming the oil companies, or American allegiance to…well, America and all things American (stop blaming Christians and Jews too, while you are at it) – and see this for what it is.

It is not guns.

It is not homophobes.

It is not right-wing “wing nuts”.

It is a war fought on sacred ground.  OUR ground.

The enemy is entrenched, and among us thanks to OBAMA (there – I WILL say it, Mr. McCain).

It is not simply his politics, or his policies; it is that he is doing more to help our enemy than even the enemy of our enemy’s enemy.

My God; with all that, I can’t be sure if he is friend, or foe.

I know this; if I were his ally, I would take a keen interest in what he sees (or does not see).

Oh, and on a related “note” – this love-lorn, workplace shooter in Orlando – the wife who accuses him of himself being “gay” was texting with him during the bloodbath. 

Wanna buy into conspiracies?  Abandon the one about vast, right-wing terror groups and take a good look at what was going on with the manipulation of our legal system, our heart’s and our minds with this whole concept (I’m betting crazy Ahab was thinking he’d pull in some right-wing Christian groups with his attack of a bunch of gays).

Well, they are not only our Christian brothers and sisters as well, but by-God, they are Americans (and we don’t turn on our own).

We may have our differences, but they are our neighbors – and I do not believe that whatever differences we have would drive us to mortal combat with them.  We can settle our differences like human beings (with brains, you know, that think and all).

Although, you give the liberals a few more years and based on what they have “accomplished” in race relations we may all be tearing one another’s throats out in a matter of months, and thus yielding to the terrorist’ master plan.

May God help us all.

We must remain a united front, and see this for what it really is.  It is not insanity.

It is by-God all-out WAR.

And may YOU, Mr. Obama, take a serious step back and long, long looksie at your damned infernal policies.

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