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What Ever Have We Done (to ourselves?)

How I do love “pounding” on the next gen.

It is so much fun, picking on someone my own size (dare I hint that the staff of “The Precipice” are – yikes! – small-minded ???).

You are darned tootin’.


Well, it is so much fun, picking on the “weak”.Screenshot_2016-02-20_10-46-43

And who is this of whom I speak?

Well, I don’t know what we are calling “next-gen” (same as the old gin?).

In many ways, it is true (27 ska-doo).

Why, it’s the bee’s knees.

Now, just where did I leave my coffin varnish ? (I found this one particularly amusing).

So, Precipii, why so silly this morning.

Well, why the hell not?

I’m beginning to feel we are fast-becoming an humorless society.

Why so serious?

Well, let’s just think about what is happening to our dear (departed), next-gen.

What to make of a world where we sacrifice our children at the altar of collectivism? Well, we know what Moses made of it.

What to make of a world where we sacrifice our children at the altar of collectivism? Well, we know what Moses made of it.

We are compromising their future.

As a “member” (of sorts) of the “wham-bam, techie-slam, tech-rev-gen”, I look around and see what we geeks have managed to accomplish in this world of woe.

As many of you who know me (well), and some who are well-versed in not-knowing-me-at-all, I am a geek (of sorts – my apologies to the real geeks – you KNOW who you are).

I work as a technical writer in an undisclosed city, in an undisclosed county, in an undisclosed region in the back and beyond of an undisclosed horizon.

That’s right!

It’s Shangra-frickin-latee-dah-de-doo (21 Ska-doo).

Yeah, I am all-about making a quick exit (especially, when I am to blame for something).Screenshot_2016-02-20_10-50-04

As a tech writer, I am taught to “dumb-down” my publications.  To aim for “the low-hanging fruit”.

Yeah, you get fat that way.

And lazy.

Head-Squish-kids-in-the-hall-414798_400_359Lethargic, even.

But, like innocence, fat can be lost.

Children can grow up.

And we may all have a Merry Christmas.



Ahhh, let’s not go there.  Let’s not get so “somber” on such a joyous occasion.

Today I meet with some of my most-favorite people in the world.  It is a reunion that happens for me twice a week.  They are my church family…and how I love them so!

Do you know what it means to care.

I’m not speaking in terms of Obama-care (NOT, that kind of care) – but to truly care.  To mind the till. To give a hug (where a hug is due). To smile.  To mourn with another.  To worship, together (as a family).  To care. Truly care.  Deeply care.

To give a hoot.

"Hatred". A term bantered about a lot lately. A sort of label that negate anyone who takes an opposing viewpoint. Gotta hate the haters, eh?

“Hatred”. A term bantered about a lot lately. A sort of label that negate anyone who takes an opposing viewpoint. Gotta hate the haters, eh?

Not a snoot.

Okay, enough already.

I mean, “what does it matter now?”.

How very cavalier!

But this is where we have come.

The 400-pound, gorrilla-politicians now care for us so very deeply that they will cater to our every need, and whim.

Like with my profession.

We will hand out information on a silver platter for a bunch of privileged pukes.

And what will theyteacher_paddle do?

THEY will become ever-so more the ingrate.

They will spit in our eye (you always hurt, the one’s you love).

They will turn on us like bad pennys.

Well, I reference this in terms of an article I read earlier in the week from a feminist sister who was bewailing an incident in a class where she was teaching and using that ancient paradigm of shifting someone’s perspective by challenging them with a moral dilemma.

Her contention?snapshot144

She was shocked that the young ladies she was teaching began crying when their comfort zones were challenged and then sought safe-haven because their perspectives had been challenged.

And who do we have to blame for this?

Daddies who treat their little princesses as if they can do “no wrong” ?

Grandparents who spoil rotten the little tikes?


We have only ourselves.

This is wholly endemic to a culture that has been raised to believe that the government is there for their every need, and even their emotions will be programmed like a cell phone.

When these children awake from the grand illusion, they will turn on their master’s like caged lions.

They will only respect the whip until the whip has fallen from grasp.

article-0-071577FE000005DC-290_468x358And face it.  Socialism is losing (its grip, and its fight).

It is losing like Bernie Sanders in Californication.

Losing, like Hee-lie and E-lie will lose in the Fall.

Face it.

Socialists are losers.

Big “L” losers.

And why?

Well, they are the problem, silly.

They will provide for your every need, including (but not limited to) dumbing you down to the status of “low-hanging fruit”.

(I understand liberals like fruit; and the fruity.  Oh, so juicy.  Oh so plump. Oh so like a 72-ounce “Gulp” down to the seven-eleven).140910.Ayn.Rand


This is our future.

Looters, and seven-eleven gulpers.


What shall we do?

Well, a start would be to edumacate, rather than indoctrinate (or humiliate).


Al says “Don’t be a Googley-Eyed Wonder. TASTE the world. Go out. LIVE! Just like a Samurai in a hotel suite. Live, baby. LIVE.”

To bring people out of their antiquated, singular-dimensional and trite, old-world thinking.

It’s a real “dew-dropper”, zip-daddy.  A regular “face stretcher”.

Oh my!

Well, the roaring twenties were really something, weren’t they?

And what a scandlous gen that was, eh?

Why, it is the gen of your grandparents and great-grandparents (well, maybe mine, and not yours – I know that much of my readership is rather on the youthful side – thankfully! “You make me feel so young”.

At any rate, here we be, and here we see.

We are at a pivot point in history; perhaps one of the most telling in world history.

A great Goliath is about to either fall prey to the voracious appetite of a socialist machine, or find absolute freedom through a capitalist approach to the world (how utterly liberating).

In the land of the free, where the American dream may be chaste, the choice seems so very obvious.

Why roll the dice on frauds and the ludicrously lewd ?

They can say “oh no, we are not socialist, like Bern” – but who are they trying to kid, really.

Laughing-chimp-gif-animationThey have all been bung-hole buds with none 0ther than that King of socialist leadership, FDR (and by the way, why all the initials with these Bozo’s ? huh?  all their socialist brains may remember?).

Well here’s one for the data banks.


Here’s to the “Donald John”, may he forever rein supreme!

But seriously.

Don Jon.

Sounds kinda like “Don Juan”, don’t ya think?

Oh well.

Sort of has a nice ring to it.

wilt_the_stiltAnd after Bill Clinton, we could use a little more subtlety, of the sort practiced by none-other than Don Juan.



And Gentile (by comparison – 2000 women, really Slick?  Really?).

Well, I guess that thins the herd for the rest of us (for who would want to go there – a Clinton conquest.  Ne, ne more!  I will have NONE of it !).

Sort of “wilts the stilt“.

So, onward and upward, peoples.

It is “high” time.

Happy surfin, suckers!


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