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What is ideal? THIS, is ideal.

michelangelo God separates earth and waterI’m going to do the unspeakable and begin this column with a question (sorry to my Journalism Profs in college).

How do you define God ?

Think about this one, now.  And be careful before you answer.

How do you define the Lord, our God, Almighty?

Well, the journey of a thousand steps, right?

Every definition begins, as they say, with an assumption.

So, let us start at the start.

What scant we do know, we know most from His divine Son, our Lord.11-Winston-Churchill-on-Standards

Jesus Christ (and Moses, of course).

You know of whom I speak (don’t you?  let’s hope so).

But then, I assume too much, don’t I ?

Well, every good definition.Image 1

So, from Christ we know that He is the “Alpha, and the Omega”.

The beginning, and the end, right?

Who necessarily made it so that “A” is the beginning, and “Z” is the end?

Are they alpha and omega?


You may not follow my logic here, but one assumption I have (and I think I am on solid ground with this one) is that God is … infinite.

With the infinite, there is no beginning, no end.

But there will always be endless prattle regarding the subject.

For me, it is definitive.

11045887445_59867d367c_oHe is!

He is, and He always will be.

That simple.

No beginning, no end.  Circular, perhaps (like many of my arguments), but definitely endless.

Very much unlike this paltry earth, or the paltry universe in which it floats.

Even scientists agree, both will one day come to an end.

A screeching halt.

Not in a boom, but in a whimper.

Like socialism.

So…God’s creation can end, but God can not.

And He will not.

God2And as such, neither will His creation.

For what is created and destroyed by the Father, may be created again.

The law of conservation of matter in the universe (nothing created, nothing destroyed).

Don’t you see ?  “In me, all things are new again”.

Get it ?

That is an awesome power, to be the creator.

Now, here’s what is NOT an awesome power.

To consider oneself the creator of all things.

eye-of-godTo think one’s self, the do all, and end all.

Let me tell ya, brothers and sisters, you ain’t all that!

Neither am I.

Just a paltry old country boy, floating on a paltry old blue marble, in a paltry dark, and dank universe.

But you wanna know what?

A dark, and dank and cold and lonely universe – it is EXACTLY what you make of it.

See what I am saying?

bernhippieSo, we have “the Bern” here on the left, defining our world as “already socialist” (his words).

Well, he is right, you know.

We are socialist “leaning”.

So, he is “sort-of” right.

Sort of.  It is the kinda right that comes from the left.  A sort of warped logic wafting from the belly of a bong.

And you can “kind of” say, that we “kinda lean” socialist, because the left leans socialist (who invented all these failed socialist programs like Medicare, Obama-scare, and social security anyhow ?

600_11039704_keeperWas not we conservative republicans.


Not one iota (well, maybe a RINO or a moderate or something).  But no hard-core republican.

This is ALL on them.

THEY created this masterpiece.

Big steaming pile of it.

And now, you know what?  They are proud of it !

I kid you not !


W204_winston_churchill7ell, one thing IS certain in this (and you may be certain of the meaning of the word “IS” here) – that one thing?

We Republicans are going to UNRAVEL what these numb-skulls have put together.

WE will build a better America from the ash heap they have left us in.

See what a little mayhem can do for our country ?  A little revolution.

Well how do you like your revolution now ?

Just look at the Clinton campaign.


And Bernie?

I guess he is thinking about asking Hillary to be his running mate.

Yeah, that’ll unite the DMC.

I still think “the Donald” should announce Anne Coulter as his running mate.Capture1

Man, oh man!

Would that ever get the kettle cooking on the left.

Yeppers…I can see it now (the headlines).

“VP DNC nominee Hillary Rod—HAM Clinton versus GOP VP nominee “all-heart” Ann Hart Coulter in the grudge match of the century.  Come one, come all.  SEE the ferocity.  See the seething femininity as it scowls across the stage. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY…

The views of the VP candidates do not express (necessarily) the views of “The Precipice”.  All rights reserved (while we still got ’em)”.


It would be one hell of a debate.

I sense someone would be put in their place (just not sure whom).

140910.Ayn.RandWere “the Donald” to win come November (and it IS looking good – there IS that word again.  What IS a poor boy to do?) – were he to win, it would mean that he would have Ms. Coulter to deal with for the next four years.

And ever-body knows that no one can keep a good man in line like a good woman.

It would temper “the Donald”.

It sells in my backyard.  Sizzles like the bacon I have cooking on the grill.

Hell, I’d vote for them just to go out and film the debate between Hill-baby and Ann.

Be worth the price of the ticket.


RTR36OBO-1280x960In that moment, it would be like Utopia.

Like Bern-vile man.  Bern-ville.

Bern that sukka down!

So, here’s to you, Libbly Liberals.  May you be the vehicle that is your very own demise.

I won’t even push.

Not even a little.

Long way down from “The Precipice”…been perched here a long time, and I ain’t follerin ya down the hole.

Ain’t gonna let ya take my Nation with ya, neither – Pilgrims.

Ain’t gonna do it.

Ain’t gonna do it.

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