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Republic, or Democracy ?


Screenshot_2016-05-22_07-28-34Usually, what you find here, is essentially an argument between factions AND usually, the factions are economic.

Today, political (and strictly political).

Are we a Democracy, or a Republic?

A Democratic Republic.

There is (always) that amalgamation.

It is as if the fence sitters have taken all that is good from both sides, absorbed it, then called themselves “something different”.

Screenshot_2016-05-22_07-36-20But they are not.

Moderates only do one thing.  They moderate.

In physics, it is a particle that is caught in between and whistles both Yankee Doodle, and Dixie.

Screenshot_2016-05-22_07-35-42A carpetbagger.

A joker (a fop; a fool; an irreligious libertine).

So for the sake of argument, we are going to take nasty “Mr. Midland” off the table.

We need not “fair to partly midland” here, now.

We need the decisive.

So here goes.

For years a beer buddy of mine has argued (quite effectively, I might add) that we are not a democracy, but rather, a republic, where we essentially “hire” guys to go up to that pit of vipers that is D.C. and “run” things (basically manage a pit of slithering snakes).

So for today’s purpose, I am going to take his side.

I reference the brou, ha, ha! that is taking place on the left side of the aisle (in Nevada).

Screenshot_2016-05-22_07-34-20Boy — that Wasserman-Schultz really has some nerve on her, doesn’t she, boy?

But then, so do Bernie, Boxer, and (what’s his name? – hang on, let me Google it (danged ol’ feeble mind) – oh yes! it came to me – “Dingey” Harry Reid) — they all seem to be arguing over something the GOP resolved a couple of months ago (they are so passe).

You know the squabble of which I speak.  Did Ted Cruz try and steal the nomination?  It is debatable.

My beer buddy was incensed over this one.

“How dare they?”.

Well, bud…hate to be the one to clue you on this one, but – it is a Republic, remember?

We send those delegates to convention to “vote their conscience”.

There are too many “what ifs” and far too much riding on this.

What if, for example at the last minute, before the convention – we find that Donald Trump sacrifices snails in his back yard and then in quasi-ritualistic fashion cooks them on the smoker and then consumes them – Sacré bleu!

Well, those pesky, frog-leg hating delegates would have to then cast their ballots for the non-frog candidate – would they not?

I mean, wouldn’t we expect this of them?

We are, after all, a Republic!

And, republicans.

But I digress (or do I?).

There is this sense of fair play.

I get that.

None of us like the dude who cheats at Monopoly.


It ruins the game for everyone.

But let’s think about this.

The guy who cheats…he loves it.

He has friends who also cheat.

They love it too.

And they love each other.

And isn’t that what it is really all about – loving one another?

But let’s cut through the crap.

It is hard to love a rapscallion and down-right scoundrel.

The dirt-bag who switches allegiance at the last minute.

But the populace (and the popular vote) would vilify the poor delegate were he to cast his ballot for a frog or snail eater.

It’s just unheard of.

Simply unacceptable.

But folks, we have been running our conventions (both GOP and DMC) like this since the inception of our great nation.

Are we patently corrupt?


Corrupt is a harsh word.

Are we flexible?

Damn tootin’.

We “get ‘er done”.

We don’t mind getting muddy.

Swimming in mud.

We don’t mind getting low-down (we’ll crawl under the stripe on a highway to ensure things get “done right”).

And we should.

It is OUR country.


And God bless us, P O W E R   T O   T H E   P E O P L E !

I tis the way it’s supposed to be.

We nominate those dudes to go represent us.  Now, go do your jobs, delegates.

Do them in deference to “the system”.

Do them, in deference to “the man”.

Forget Wasserman Schultz, forget Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Hillary Klingon, and forget the “Bern” (ouch!).

The fact is, it is about the process, stupid.

Now, everybody just chill.  Step back, take a shot of (something) and chill, baby.

It’s all good.

The GOP got it resolved like responsible adults (responsible adults have their poop together – and they don’t cheat at Monopoly.  It is why they are the popular kids; and everyone wants to go to their house to play Monopoly (cause they run a clean game).

So come taste the waters.

The GOP did.

What’s wrong with you, DMC.  You see who won the Preakness?  Let’s hope it is not a harbinger of things to come.

Don’t be a DMC.

Don’t be the jackass who won the Preakness.

Be a G O P.

Gooooo Goppie!


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