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Free Wheelin’

This column ain’t going particularly anywhere.

Got up and had some ideas in mind (usually the first thing I think of when I open my eyes on the weekend…it’s like “my column”…”what shall I write”).

It is a sort of panick that assists me in shaking off the nightmares (I suppose). Or the lucid (is that lucid, or lurid…what a difference a letter can make) dreams.

Well, let’s try and aim for a little lucidity here.  Make this column very clear about (something).

But, what to write?

Well.  I think Trump is doing pretty good (in spite of himself).

He has at least now acknowledged that there is a Republican party still out here, and that we do still matter.

Also, that there are conservatives (I understand he counts himself among our ranks).

That is a good thing; as long as we do not get delusional with things, it is a good thing.

See, we are back to that whole definition of what it means to be a conservative again.

I think in America, we should stick to Americans when we define this thing (sorry Winnie, Maggie and Dizzie)…so let’s do that.

Who is the quintessential conservative in our history?


(ney; by most standards he is considered a bit too moderate).

Nixon, perhaps?

(nope; lest we forget that nasty EPA that was formed in his admin.).

TR (surely…Teddy?).

Well, he was not the biggest friend to business, you will recall.  Of course, it was run-away business (approaching fascism) – so he does rack some points. But quintessential?

I am of course speaking of Barry.

No, not Obama.

I was shocked and appalled the other day to talk to a young conservative who did not know of whom I was speaking when I said “Barry”; thanks to B.O., we now have to clarify.

AuH2O, of course.

For those of you in El Segundo, that translated to, of course, G O L D W A T E R !!!

Pat Buchannan in one of his columns recently had the unmitigated audacity rivaling any that Big “O” could muster to compare “the Donald” to B.G.

B.G. is a big gun, baby.

If you shall compare B.G. to someone, he has to be compared to someone like R.R., or (I said I would not do this, but…Winnie, Maggie, and especially, Dizzie).

NOT to the Donald.

The Donald still has a lot of curing to do as a conservative.  He’s not quite baked yet.  One might say, half baked.

But he’s coming around.  He’s beginning to attract the power players, and that bodes well for him.

WE (us conservatives) just have to make sure that he doesn’t step on something. Get out of line, you know.

Begin talking all that liberal hoo-ha that many think has been supporting him behind the scenes all along.

He’s got a lot of money to put where that set of golden lips are concerned.

We have to make certain he makes good on what those lips have been spouting.

Of course, this is all very much in jest, as I consider he is more conservative than liberal.

But we shan’t be too awfully slow on the uptake when his political underpinnings begin to show through his skirt.

This is the slip they all make – demonstrating where they come from.

He claims New York, but I’m thinking not so much. He seems to speak to the brewer in Millwaukee.

To the Millwright in Waukeegan, or the maid in some stinky motel in South Florida.

And that’s okay.

In fact, many of them can be conservative too.

But they have to work at it every day.

Start every day with a prayer for guidance.

Consider how our ancients lived.


How they saved…(as if today will be perpetual).

How they spent (only on necessity).

How they practiced (they put their money where their mouths were).

This is a conservative.

He not only talks the talk (fully), but he walks the walk (fully).

No half-baked conservatives.

What we are, what we practice, much of it goes back to our religion.

What need of we of welfare and welfare states if everyone were practicing their religion?

It teaches us to be frugal.  Teaches us to give to our fellow man (and not just some; all – even the Philistines).

So you see, it is really becoming quite trite when those say “Well, I’m a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal”…sorry, Charlie – that makes you totally liberal in my book, and worse, a fence sitter like Hill-lie, and “E”-lie (Clinton and Warren – team duo dufus).

We all know that fence sitters are luke-warm and will be spat outta God’s mouth.

So don’t fence sit.

I’d rather loose you as you sell your soul to that liberal devil than have you lecture me about how I should be more like you (as you consider yourself somehow justified and moral in your failure to make a resolute choice).

You know, I got one of those 25 things you need to see things the other day, and it was about “all the President’s desks”.

The one I noted was used the most was the “Resolute” desk (from the British ship, “The Resolute”).

I thought about what those Presidents who chose it must have been thinking.

“Better to be wrong and decisive, than right and wishy-washy”.

So, don’t be a Hill-lie, or an “E”-lie, or a B.O. (they are all rank for different reasons)…be someone comfortable in their own skin.

And climb down off the fence.

Come join us in keeping “the Donald” in line.  It’s fun.  Like shooting ducks.

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