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Power to the (chosen) People

Bernie_Supporter: Bernie will put power back into the hands of the people!

Bystander: What people?

Bernie_Supporter:You and me.

Bystander: Why me?

Bernie_Supporter:Because you are the people

Bystander: What about the guy who owns the oil company; or the guy who owns the computer company?  Will he put power in their hands too?

Bernie_Supporter:Power to all the people.

Bystander: Don’t we already have that under capitalism?

The sad fact is, there is a delusion being sold in America today.

The delusion is that all business is bad, and that anyone making over $10,000 a year is evil.

It is a delusion.

But it does not stop with Bernie, or Bernie fans.

Much deeper; goes into the heart and psyche of America.

Mainstream culture (and you WILL see this in the movies being released between now and election day) portray our society as being two-fold; have, and have nots.

It is a bright, shining lie.

I’ve been working hard all my life.  I have a nice home, a car and a motrocycle.

I am well fed (as my wasteline will attest).  I’ve got good healthcare.

So, I guess under the liberal/socialist by-line, I am evil.

I live a good life.  Treat others well.  I go to church (where they teach me to treat others well).

Take care of my property.  Kick back and bar-b-que on my grill.

So, why are things so “awful” as described by the Bernie supporter and the Hillary campaign.


Think back to Cuba.  Remember Cuba.  When it was a paradise.

Poised to be the Vegas just 50 miles off the tip of Southern Florida, it was thriving.

Lot’s of big things happening down there, and lots of tourists.

But then Che and the Castro boys decided to take it down the dark rabbit hole that is socialism.

Oops!  Communism (what’s the diff ?).

Now why on earth would these liberals choose such a path?

When you look at their great social experiments, like say, in parts of the Northwest, you see what these dead heads are all about.

Free love. Free spirits.  Free pot.

They just want free everything.  Healthcare, transit…public assistance.

Yeah, well none of that is free.

It does not spell “freedom” – it spells free doom.

California is on the verge of bankruptcy (again), and it is almost expected the feds (you know, the guy who takes taxes from you and me) – they think they will simply get bailed out by an empathetic fed..

Well, when the boat is leaking this bad, bailing is not an option.  It is time to go overboard.

And what does that mean?

Well, it is time to abandon the ship that is liberal throw-away programs and begin thinking about capital re-investment.

How do we re-invest in America’s future?

Let’s start with business.

Can we decide, as a group, to spend some tax dollars on something that would make us more attractive to businesses.

Business means jobs, right?  Jobs are something we are lacking right now, apparently.

Who knows any more.  The Dems have played with the truth so much, that nobody knows right from wrong any more.

And this is their goal.

They want you to be dazed and confused, so they can be the hero and come to your “rescue”.

Eventually, they will place you in the same poverty bracket as California.

This is what happens when you get publicans who think everything can be solved off the worker’s backs.

It can’t.

No matter how much money you throw at drugs or abortion, they still are a problem.

They likely always will be.

The bible says we will always have the poor among us – but I don’t think it means simply financially impoverished.

It is talking about those who WILL NOT get back on their feet again.

Varied reasons.  We all know them.

But even a camp where they have to raise their own gardens is preferable to this.

Bail outs just don’t get it.

But tell that to a democrat.

Bleeding hearts.

Feeling sorry for everyone else.



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