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Congratulations & Observations After the Big Win

First things, first.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump on a resounding win.  May the race be swift, and may your ultimate victory be assured by the words you so carefully craft, and choose.  And speaking of choices, have you considered this one as a running mate???

prayer-unclesamAs to my ‘hiatus’…I felt it was time that I allow to race to proceed in its natural course.  I’ve never been one comfortable in making endorsements, and my record here scribbled attests to this.

As most of you faithful readers who have followed “The Precipice” for years, I have a strong central tendency to make it a policy NEVER to endorse.  I like a clean race, unaffected by outside forces (such as Democrats who cross the line and vote in our primaries, media who back a candidate because they “think” it gives liberals an edge, or delegates whose allegiance is in question at every turn – even though they have that right).

On that note, let me once again iterate (for posterity’s sake) the firm allegiance of “The Precipice”.

fyodor-dostoyevsky-quote-the-socialist-who-is-a-christian-is-more-toIt is and always shall be to all those who consider themselves of the conservative “ilk” (and I don’t mean ‘just a little’ – and I’m not sorry about that one either, Mr. and Mrs. RINO, whoever you may be).

What a primary season, eh?

It has been a season in which those upon whom we always thought we conservatives could count were quick to switch teams.  I am of course speaking of you, Mr. KochBut wait!  Perhaps I am too quick to rush to the condemnation, eh?

Well, it would seem there has been a lot of rushing to judgement this season, and a lot of words taken out of context by the liberal media.

I know you expect it, Mr. Koch. It is part and parcel of the liberal playbook.  If they ain’t cheatin’, they ain’t trying (and boy, are they ever trying).  Trying my last nerve.

asos+carpet+bag2As a more current example, consider Elizabeth Warren’s position that the hardcore conservatives will undoubtedly rush to Hillary’s campaign, since we are “so disgruntled with Mr. Trump”.snapshot18a1

Nice try, Eli.

Think again.

I have expressed my disdain, even loathing, of those who “jump the fence”.

I’ve even been hyper-critical of one of my very own heroes (Ronald Reagan…a former Democrat, and Union President).

Not a big fan of those crossing (or even blurring) lines.

140910.Ayn.RandNo one can in this day doubt RR’s loyalty as a fellow conservative, and one even of my own stripe, a Goldwater conservative, and a conservative’s conservative (no misplaced loyalties here, like with Hillary and Eli Warren).

And speaking of former Goldwater conservatives, one has to ask if the conversion process has been as resolute for Ms. Hillary as it was for the renowned (and true conservative) President Reagan.

If the postulate holds, as conservative as he became (once he had his change of heart), were the conversion to be the equal and opposite in Hillary – it is just as surely bound to make her as much a socialist as is Bernie, and perhaps even a pinko-RED-commie of Vladimir Putin’s stripe.proxy

Who can believe a Clinton anyway?  With cavalier attitudes such as “what does it matter now”, and reckless abandon when it comes to the protection of our nation’s most cherished secrets, what else are we to think but that she is anything but sincere.

Even in the above article she contends that she is still a conservative.  Right.

CLINTON: That’s right. And I feel like my political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism that I was raised with.

-Hillary Clinton in an NPR radio interview, 1996
(1 – with video)

rhinoI guess that makes me the King of Siam.

A “different” kind of conservative, indeed.  What is it with liberals and these delusions that seem to be a part of their DNA?

TwoFacedHillary_Just as a RINO is a different kind of Republican (and as equally conservative as is Hillary).

And it would take a whole different breed of conservative to jump ship and back her.

As to all the ridiculous barbs hurled at Mr. Trump associating he with the Ku Klux Klan – don’t fret it, Mr. Trump.

These loud-mouths on the left have been calling we conservatives “NAZIs” for YEARS.

6535877-comical-looking-donkey-with-mouth-wide-open-showing-teethAnd speaking of NAZIs, it was old Adolph who only wanted a little “peace” (a little piece of Poland, a little of piece of Russia, France, England, and ultimately, a BIG PIECE of the entire planet). His egoistical desires almost rival this bunch of punk democrats who have taken over what was once a respectable party.

It is really the only leg they have to stand on, since the other leg is buried up Bernie Sander’s National Socialist political platform.

That’s right. Ol’ Bern has at least one thing going for him – unlike Hillary and Eli, he has a firm grasp on who he really is…a dyed in the wool socialist.  They are still calling themselves conservative, when they are likely as socialist as is he.

suicide-king-of-heartsI’ve always called a spade a spade, the Queen of Hearts a gold-digger-girl, and a suicide king instant death for the entire nation (and all things holy, and wholly American – apple pie and Chevrolet included).

Now that I can come clean (after the presumptive, and now (largely) solidified nomination), the candidates I was pulling for were out of this race much earlier on (big surprise!).

One thing I would caution all my fellow conservatives to keep a keen eye upon, however, is the rather remote possibility that at this late date a third party might rise from disenchanted libertarians.

clintIt would behoove us to court that vote (hope your ears are perked, Mr. Trump).

They certainly have some good ideas in their camp, and I would hope we could court them “into the fold”.

I’ve read your book “The Art of the Deal”  (1) .  I believe this is something you could accomplish.

KKKAnd face it.  We need all the help we can get to annihilate a couple of “contenders” like Hillary and her new best bud, Eli Warren.

From my perspective, they both sound like a couple of crows cackling.

And who knows?

I’ve heard of baking one and twenty in a pie, but I’m betting that many democrats in one pie would taste far too much like Bolshevik tarts to suit my fancy.

Not worth eating.  Way too Euro-centric, white-supremacist. And demon-erratic.

By the way…where is this “Klan” Elizabeth Warren speaks of anyhow?  I thought they died out years ago.  It’s the Neo-Nazis we need to worry about (both here, and abroad).Screenshot_2015-10-17_09-17-22


So here’s to your victory, Mr. Trump – both this one, and the one in November.

May your resolve remain firm, your “deals” remain square, and your Presidency surpass that of Reagan !



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