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Who’s Missing from this Picture?



What is it about our oh-so human

nature that causes us to respond to fear?  to react to pressure?

to capitulate…

to “cave”?

One could not argue effectively a case against hidden agendas at work in this great Nation of ours.

Truly, they abound.

You know, they really are reminiscent of some secret military exercise.

And with those exercises come the concept of “plausible deniability” (hey, military made that one up, not me Mr. Spellchecker).

But sometimes, when you want to sort through the headlines and “see” what is behind them, all you have to do is think about what is missing from them.

Sort of like the photo above of Mssr’s. Putin and Xi.

Ask yourself (go on) “who is conspicuously missing from this photo”?

You know, Mr. President, when you pat somebody on the knee and tell them “don’t worry, we’ll work something out after I win the election”…there are likely a set of expectations that go along with that knee pat (and assurance).

But here is the problem with the modern politician…they have a central tendency to make promises (and then not make good on them).

Oh, don’t worry Vladimir, these fellas have been doing it to foreign nationals and foreigners for eons.

It is the way of the Liberal.  At least they are just liberal.

Ghad, where would we be if they were libertines?

Of course, there is some data that just isn’t all in quite yet.

Some, you can not be altogether certain whether their hearts lean to the libertine, or if they are true conservatives (whatever that is).

Or, on the other hand, if they are simply trying to buy off the bully, rather than whipping his arse.

But one does have to wonder…”is the libertine much preferable to the Liberal?”.

It is a tough question.

It is also a question I do not wish to be forced to answer in 2016.

Would much, much prefer to have that completely fleshed out, long, long before.

Since we are, it would seem (thanks DemonRATS) in a perpetual state of campaigning now…the front runners are getting a great deal of scrutiny (who says we don’t have leaders any more, eh?).

xxl_202843_1But the central question, the over-riding, over-arching, üeber-question remains “what (who) is best for my country”.

Can one afford not to live by that adage that the man is what he speaks.

When he projects an opinion (or makes, and keeps a promise), he defines himself.

Look no further than recent headlines for a definition of that one.

God knows both hereand abroad, dissenters are not to be tolerated.

But again, like last column, everything, everything, everything comes down to results.

You can have the most optimistic plans known to man, and as much as I loathe the art of cliché, “mice and men”.

Ahhhh, art.


Thomas Cole The Course of Empire Destruction 1836

So subjective, don’t you think?

Pretty to look at, but where is the substance.

Speaking of substance, did you hear anything about Reid flip-flopping on guns yet again.

These guys know exactly what they are doing.

A disarming bunch, they are (too bad they can’t arrest with their personalities).

Can anyone say “Barney Phife”?

“Citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest”.

Well, that very well may be just what the doctor ordered (sure doesn’t look like Congress is going to reign these kooks in).

But then, there is always optimism.

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