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Les Tigre Papier

The Paper Tigers

What can you say about this one.

A lot, actually.

How thin-skinned can people be, and yet at the same time… so irreverently callous? (1, 2, 3).

Seems an impossibility, but in the impossible realm of imagined reality in which the Demonrat lives, anything, I suppose, is possible.

While the Nation’s economy is in a steady state conflagration, the President “hip-hops” like, well, you know – Nero, hero (what is a “hip hop” anyhow – some disgusting version of a sock hop – what, is everything re-mixed now?).

But, I suppose such is the way of indoctrination.

Re-mix and perversions of reality are all you get.

Paltry mirrored images, rather than truth.

Tell a kid he can grow up to be president, and well, you get the picture.

Tell a “musician” that “covering” other real artist’s (original artist’s) work is a true form of expression and not petty thievery, and by-god, he’s then a bona fide “artist”.

Or take ol’ L’enfant terriblè who is portraying our Commander in Chef in this perverted theater of the mind.

As Henny Youngman might say, take my Commander pleeeaaase.

There is a level of arrogance coupled with absolute childishness that quite simply should not be tolerated by reasoning adults.

Why the nation tolerates it is beyond me.

My only assumption is that we have been so conditioned by our school systems and churches to be “open minded” that everything that approaches a mind has fallen right out of our skull caps.

All we are left with are the fantastic fantasy worlds created by the likes of Al Gore (1, 2 need I cite more?) or some cool aide cult who believes they can just wish things and make them so.

And now Gore has the utter audacity (that word, again) to call on America to revolt.


I have a feeling he’ll get it, but not like he imagines (oh dear; can you imagine imagination from the mind that imagined invention of the internet and self as archetype for modern “literature”? Imagine that (shudder)).

But then, what do you really expect out of these politicians who were “created” by their fathers, or worse, by the sins of our fathers.

This is utter insanity.

At the risk of being accused of howling at the moon…it is utter, utter insanity.

Do you suppose we could get a rebate on Pelosi (1, 2), Reid (1, 2) and B.O. (most everyone realizes his ineptitude, so I’ll cite none here – the list would be far too long)?

Ah, trivial jocularity.  And at a time like this.  Makes my stomach turn.

Seriously, gentle readers, have you ever seen anything that so thoroughly exasperates?

It is beyond comprehension; beyond reason.

Perhaps that is the biggest thing of all.

My Grandfather taught me that the most important thing you can be in this world is reasonable.

I think there comes a time when reason simply doesn’t work any more.

Sorry Grand-dad.

In a “normal” world, I’d be the first to agree with you; but in a world turned upside down by manufactured chaos (yes, this is your fault, Obama), how can anyone respond with anything that approaches reason.

We have people here, a group of people, that for all intents and purposes seem to suffer mass bipolarism (or some other form of mania).

Now, I’m by no means a licensed professional, but hell, you got TV doctors diagnosing “conditions” like this…I think in this world of the unreasonable, that makes me a bona fide expert!

So what are you gonna do?

Well, for Grandpa’s sake, here’s hoping reason finds its way to the surface.

I darned, sure know that these people with ego issues will not be the answer.

Paper tigers burn in fires, don’t they?

Well throw them on the pyre that is now the U.S. economy.

Thanks, B.O. (now, you really, really stink).

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