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Psy-Oops, and the Single Girl

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(my point, exactly — THANK YOU, CS Monitor!)

Coaxed any Congressmen lately?

How ’bout any hippies?

The Rolling Stoned have already sent out their henchmen for one hit on an individual from their “perceived” military-industrial complex, so what the heck, why not shoot for some Congressmen and other militia-men?

The REAL psy-ops is taking place, before your eyes, by the media (and more importantly, the men and women behind the stories, who are yanking the news-hound’s chains).

What they are likened to is the liberated woman.

You remember the Virginia Slims ads of the 1970’s?

She no longer has to worry about morality.  She’s a 70’s kinda gal.  Can do as she pleases, and all-too-often does.

In fact, she does everyone in town.

It is a metaphor for the media…they are just trying to screw everyone…ain’t gonna be happy until everyone is as miserable as they are.

Even though they enjoy their escapades, depending on their mood, they’ll either call their soires rape, or religion – fairly interchangeably.

When gang-raped, they’ll take a moment to recoup, and then go back for more.

You the reader have to be wise.

You have to consider the real source of the psy-ops.

In the old days, what the militiaman has been accused of, in the old days it would have been called salesmanship.

Now, it is psy-ops.

You know, this is another thing we went through in the 60’s and 70’s…all the talk of brain-washing and mind-alteration.

You had red-commies in Viet Nam brainwashing our vets and sending them back here to disrupt society.

You had Timothy Leary and all the mind-altering drugs.

And then you had TV, with all of its rot coaxing us into a state of mental mush.

Hell, it is a wonder our brains can assist us to make any decisions at all.

And yet, we are still able.

We can decide if we choose to believe the Rolling Stoned, or if we believe what we are witnessing, at this moment, in world events.

We can make determinations as to what the cause of these events may be.

Could it be because certain congress-women are (and have been) working behind the scenes on mid-east politics? (Could it be that they are practicing a form of Rolling Stoned psy-ops themselves?).

Why would we keep turning to our enemies?

From my perspective it is likened to the women who enjoy being domineered and humiliated.

Or the soldier or Frat-hazed individual who states “thank you very much, may I have some more”.

Sado-masochism is a royal bitch.

Manipulators, and people who employ such blatant tactics are disgusting.

They are mind phreaks.

You’ve heard, I’m sure of “phreaking” telephones, text messages, cell phones and the like…it is using social engineering to delve into the electronic personal devices people use to get an idea of what they are “up to”.

Mind-phreak is the same idea, only going a step further…getting inside their heads…seeing what really makes them tick.

You know what makes the Rolling Stoned tick, don’t ya?  Timothy Leary’s knock-out drugs.

Take a good look at a representative sample of the results.

Malcontents and malfeasance are the result.

Thuggery, not unlike the opium-induced crap Karl Marx puked up.

They are all mindless, drug-infested low-lifes…high on everything they can get high on.

When they can’t get their primo-ghanjha, they’ll make sure everyone is just as miserable as are they.

Or, they may straighten up their acts and start that whole John Denver scene…getting high on air, and nature, and trees and moss and shit.


Getting stoned and reading Tolkien.

Deadbeat dropouts who are screwing up the whole world.

You want to know what the problem is, look no further than the mindset of the malcontent.

Union thugs, teachers (what a bunch of pot heads), rabble-rousers, hippies, environmentalists and journalists.

All out to change the world (and by-god, what a wonderful job they are doing).

Well, your change sucks.

What’s more, so do you.

Now it’s time for real change, and real sanity.

We can drop the amoral-immoral attitudes of the liberated lady, and start thinking about class again.

Real class.

Classy dames, like Margaret Thatcher, and Jeane Kirkpatrick.

Women who would not take a beating and then ask for more (more likely to answer force with force).

No more of these stoned dregs on society so ready to ask for an ass-whoopin’.

“Down with the man”?

I say “Down to hell with the Rolling Stoned”.

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