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Logan’s “Crusade”

Just a follow-up on the recent article “venting” about the News correspondent (Logan, CBS?) who was “raped” in Egypt…more information on the incident came out and described the rape as having her clothes ripped off by a crowd of angry “people” (the first article I read said 200 men) and that she was being pinched.

Albeit, not “love” pinches, but real, strong pinching, and I think beating with some flag poles.

(I understand that this is something done in that culture that is just “shy” of caning – severe pinching to try and make someone understand what precipice they are on the “verge” of tipping over – caning, stoning, beheading)…at any rate, the point is, she was definitely accosted, and by American cultural standards, it could be argued in court as rape (any accosting in my mind is a form of rape)…but, let’s be specific here….it is a “form”…if placed on a scale, I can think of worse forms of rape, just as I can think of worse actions performed by a mob of angry “people”.

(Stoning or beheading come to mind).

The real “cincher” in the story for me was that the article I read yesterday said her friends have said she is recuperating with her family (that is a good thing) and that she is anxious to go back to Egypt to continue reporting the story (I’ll let you, the reader, decide on the “goodness” of that one).

The one thing I think I can say with a high degree of efficacy is that she sure appears to be on some sort of crusade (journalists, out to “change” the world).

I may not know what rape looks like (after our lawyers have gotten a hold of it)…but I’m pretty sure I know a crusade when I see one; and the mindset of an idealistic journalist.

Best of luck, Ms. Logan, on your return to Egypt.

Here’s hoping you keep your head (although, I for one am beginning to question whether you actually “have” a head).

But, then again, in this moment in history, where “change” leadership is the rule of the day, insanity and chaos seem to be the only thing truly ruling anything at all.

God help us, every one.

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