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The Puzzling Case of King Nut-‘n-Common



Good to be the King...click for original article link-back.
Good to be the King…click for original article link-back.

With all the recent hub-bub about Egypt, the theft of antiquities, challenges to Islam, Obama’s role in knifing Mubarak in the back, the role of women in current events (Logan, Kaftar) and Egypt’s “Indiana Jones” about to be drawn and quartered (is it about the theft of the antiquities? or more about the challenges archaeology presents to Islam?)…I decided it was time to (ahem) resurrect King Nut.

I love a good puzzle, and the times that are unfolding before us right now present one hell of a “puzzling” puzzle.

Where Obama is concerned, one can only reach a single, wholly unsatisfying conclusion…to borrow from a Billy Joel tune “Why ask why?” (am I mistaken, or do the Jews not have a book of a similar ilk?  “The Jewish Book of Why” ?

Well, every journalist knows, no matter his or her ilk, that “Why” is a necessary question in journalism.  It is truly befuddling and difficult when one begins to apply the rules of journalism to King Nut.

For the life of me, I can not figure out his motives.

I just read where now he is trying, desperately, to contact Mubarak (who is refusing to take his calls).

What the hell.

You want to apologize for that jab in the back?

Make nice with the guy who’s troops control the tanks?

And now, let’s not forget Ms. Logan of the loyal press corps who was raped over there.


When I was a kid my Grandmother and Grandfather were both dubious over a rape case that had happened locally.  I was defending the young lady in my argument, but my Mimi and Grandad were both on the side of the young man…they had both known women who “cried wolf”.

Now, I’m not suggesting this is the case with Ms. Logan…but I’ve read conflicting accounts about whether she was “raped, raped” or physically accosted (which feminists, as we all know, classify as “rape, rape”).

Well, isn’t it convenient that she was accosted when she was accosted?

Timing….another piece of the puzzle.

We know that several journalists had the hell beat out of them over there.

When you step back into those flames (which, she did), chances are, you’ll get accosted…and, chances are, a portion of the accosting could be construed as sexual battery (if I’m beating somebody up, and I hit them in the chest, is this of a nature that constitutes “rape”?).

It’s almost sacrosanct (or has been) in the West to place the crime of rape way, way up on the scale of what is “heinous”…but equally, should one make such a claim and unfounded…what happens to the man here?  He still has the taint of guilt associated with him.

Now I hate that any journalist gets beat up, but hey, that’s what happens when you step into a war zone with a camera shooting pictures instead of bad guys (and in their case, with pixellated pictures on their e-cams rather than with tried, true and trusted hot lead).

Couple this with female Afghan war lords, and a new picture begins to develop in the darkroom bath (oh, for the good, ol’ days).

Somebody wants to orchestrate that the women of the world will “win” this war (as IF there is any winning it, other than the old-fashioned way).

Perhaps that somebody is one of those “honorary women” like King Nut?

Now, what about the antiquities?

The “real” Tutankhamun’s father’s (Akhenaten) bust was just recovered from a trash bin by an Egyptian youth…apparently the looting that has been taking place is NOT happening as the result of all those peoples who are simply interested in a just and democratic society (ahhh….bet that makes King Nut and his Merry Men reminisce about their days in the Weather Underground…remember Watts, remember Chicago, remember Memphis and even New York…happy times, with riotous hippies).

Just another set of thugs.

So, the world is in turmoil, and Obama parties his ass off.


Maybe there is no good reason to ask “why”?

Maybe there is no reason at all.

Maybe all this is completely…unreasonable (caused by unreasonable people).

Maybe he just doesn’t have anything else to do other than celebrate the misfortune of others.

Now, back to Logan.

Can you consider what happened to her “misfortune”, or mis-adventure?

A journalist knows what they are stepping into, and any female who has ever read about wars and warfare (and what journalist has not) must know that rape is a brutal tactic all-too-often used when raping and pillaging (ahhh, pillaging…another one of those things that happens in warfare, and Watts, and Chicago…happy, happy times).

So is this all-too-convenient?


But it could be all-too-conclusionary as well.

And one must not “jump” at those.

Now everyone and their brother (thanks Jimmy Carter) is telling us that this Moslem Brotherhood is “nothing to worry about” (yeah, right).

I’m telling ya, I just don’t trust Democrats any more.

Not just a few of them.

NONE of them.

They’ll smile in your face while twisting a knife in your back (reference England over the nuke secrets “given” to the Russians (wonder what it cost the Russians) or poor Mubarak who was cast under the bus like a Chicago politician.

And check out how they behave in Wisconsin…they actually FLEE the state when confronted with a fight.

Some leadership!

Wait a minute!

Russians, Chicago politicians, union thugs…Stalin, Al Capone….yeah, it all begins to make sense.

Scarface and Stalin both were paranoid schizophrenics who “cast their friends under the bus” (well, not just metaphorically-politically, but actually) and this seems to be what that bunch from Arkansas and Chicago practice.

If someone gets to be a liability (or how about just simply a “bother”), you just cast them under the bus (like Stalin or Al, but not “quite” as brutal).

Now I have to ask myself if Anwar Sadat was really just a casualty of this same mindset when Carter was in office (making it less about Chicago, Arkansas or Georgia and MORE about Demonrats in general).

I think I’ll go back to bed and ponder on that question “why” a little bit longer.

And here’s hoping that scuttling that Iranian ship in the Suez does not kick start Armageddon (I’d say, if it were me, I’d use “Son of Puff the Magic Dragon”  – ooooeeee it show would get hot on dat ship – I tell da true).

God, don’t ya just love cajuns?

Who, what, when, where, why and how.

Who – who is it always…0.

What – mayhem, that’s what.

When – now, of course.

Where – you name it…all over the world.

Why – who knows? (that would be 0, of course; only the zero-O knows).

How – I’d like to know…I just do not believe that reasoning intellect could create a mess any bigger than this one…so, perhaps my next column will devote itself entirely to this, simple question….HOW?

For God’s sakes, how? (here’s a foreshadow…Clintonian mindset, and worse Clintonian mindsets on sex, drugs, Godlessness and Rock ‘n’ Roll).

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