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Democracy is Dead. Long Live Democracy!

The title of this article (for those educated in public schools), is a play on the words “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”, inferring that truth that with each King’s death, there is another to take his place.

Democracy is something that I learned in a lecture series that I helped put together my senior year in college, never really dies.

It simply transforms.

My mindset on this was that it would always transform into something that is mutually positive for all how live under its “rule”: I am now, not-so-certain.

Like change, I do not think it will necessarily be of a positive sort – especially mutually.

I’ll give you two cases…Obama’s change, and the change that the Muslim Brotherhood is now bringing to Egypt.

There is no democracy when one group is favored over another.

Take economic classes of society in Obama’s case (it could easily be argued that money is being taken from the rich and given to the poor – like Lyndsey Lohan, they will just take what they want, when they want); or, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (you think they won’t favor Muslim’s over Christians, men over women?).


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