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While in these days of quiet desperation
As I wander through the world in which I live
I search everywhere for some new inspiration
But it’s more than cold reality can give
If I need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And I dream of an imaginary time

Everybody Has a Dream, Lyrics by Billy Joel, (Joel website)

I don’t know why, but this song has been “buzzing” in my brain ever since the President made his speech (and Palin made her comments).

I remember a time when a man gave us a dream, and we latched onto it and made it a reality.

I’m speaking now of Ronald Reagan.

Contrast this with the “Hope and Change” dream of this new messianic figure, a figure who would deliver our nation from the repulsive days of what the Republicans had wrought (remember?  two, short years ago when Obama-mania was at a fever pitch?  remember? DO YOU?).

Now that icon of what a liberal dreams that petite dream of what  a messiah should be, that dream has gone full circle, and has for all intents and purposes re-packaged itself as a Reaganite (blaspheme!).

It’s no dream.  It is a recurring nightmare (to sleep, perchance that I may dream!).

Truly, this is a metaphor for where we stand as a society.  We can’t seem to figure out who, or what, we are.

Well, hear this !

We conservatives have never had such an identity crisis (or been trapped in such a recycling nightmare).

I still see Reagan for what he was…a convert to conservative principles and concepts.

I reject, wholly, that JFK was using our principles as President (I remember what Goldwater meant to us then…I REMEMBER…I remember that JFK was NO Goldwater…and further, I have extrapolated that Goldwater was NO Churchill).

The point of this political spectra?

Barrack Obama is no conservative…I don’t give a damn HOW he repackages himself through the powers of PR – he is STILL a wild-eyed liberal, just like JFK.

I am not fooled.

I was not fooled by the whole “Hope and Change” movement…I did NOT drink the cool aide, and I did not feel all “giddy” inside (hell, I didn’t even feel all giddy inside when I went to see Goldwater out at the local airport when he was here).

But I’ll tell ya what I do feel…I feel conservatives stick to their guns.

They don’t change their stripes on a whim.

We are, exactly what we present.

There is nothing bogus about us.

It is not a dream we chase, but a practical reality that we endorse.

We deal with facts, and we deal with reality (not dreams or nightmares).

Dreams can shift like withering sands, but sound principles (and sticking by them and to them), endure.

It is the strength of that pillar of Hercules that is the Rock of Gibraltar.

We persevere through our commitment to being exactly what we are, and not vacillating because the going gets tough, or we are just trying to ride out public empathy until that empathy might change back to our favor.

As the tendon and muscle of Hercules never failed him in his twelve labors, we must never fail those who rely on us to endure the trials we face in the immediate future, nor those we face in the long term.

We must endure our labors, and we must remain steadfast and true to our cause, and never, EVER paint ourselves as anything less than exactly what we are.

A conservative remains steadfast toward the cause.

We are about making the nation prosper.  We are about seeing people have opportunities through our capitalist enterprises.

We are about strength and character, and never, never changing our stripes.

For a party that is all about change…no one can tell from one day to the next what to expect, other than herky-jerky, wobbling, vacillating change.

But from a party that is unwavering, one always will know what to expect.

From one that constantly changes, there will be nothing but pure and simple chaos (and understand; there is a difference in changing to brace oneself from changing weather, or winds, or to take a different tack on your ship, but still head in the same, basic direction).

Their brand of change is to change based on what they perceive as the popular opinion of the moment.

What we conservatives do, in contrast, is to remain steadfast through the moments of popular and ephemeral opinions.

As in the analogy of the ship, we may change our tack, but we never change the intent of our direction.

Like an elephant, we charge forward to our destination, and in our bulk, and in our bow, and in our bastion we slice onward through the storms.

We endure.

We base this  on our God, who sets the Supreme example of endurance and fastidiousness, and uncompromising fidelity.

There is a legend that when God and Moses met on the Mount and had finished their work in the Ten Commandments, God asked Moses if there was anything he would like to ask Him.

Moses pondered and replied, “Yes.”

“Do you sleep?”

The legend has it that God placed a cup of water in Moses’ hand and forced him into a deep, but momentary, sleep.

As Moses awoke to find the water from the cup in his lap, God said

“You see the water in your lap, Moses.  Were I to sleep only for the time that it took the water to run from the cup, the universe would be in Chaos.”

It is not God who has slept during this period that has placed our Nation and the world in utter chaos…it is the sleeping giant of conservativism.

We have been lulled by the lukewarm…lulled by characters so willing to change their stripes.

One may bank on the party of change…but recent history has proven that nothing but radicalism and strife has resulted from the policy of the left.

There’s is a religion of pain, and of suffering and of constrictive policies that place us all in chains, enslaving us to their maniacal concept of a “little revolution” (chaos) that is supposedly good for us all.

Well to counter your counter-culture cries of the 60’s “if it don’t feel good, don’t do it”.

It don’t feel good to follow you and your radical changes. You’ve brought us only strife, and now, through utter audacity, you compare yourself to one of our own….Ronald Reagan; but more, the very fabric of conservative thought must be defended against your unrepentant and unabashed identity theft.

You are no conservatives.

Get thee behind us, you forked and sliver-tongued devils!

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