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Climb outta yer cluster flip and get a fargin’ clue

You’ve been busy, boys.

Your back in session, and you’ve been busy.

Good on ya!

Now, stay that a’way.

Do NOT falter…do not waiver…and most-especially, do NOT back down!

Your “masters” who will be teaching you (showing you the ropes) are quite skilled.  Listen to them, learn from them, but never, EVER forget that it is THEY who created this mess.

They created it by preening their own feathers.

Think “peacock” here.

They’ve been preening their feathers for well-over some 200 years now (1976?…Continental Congress – 1776?…if memory serves, thank you Mrs. “B”).

They have created a clustered nest from their bright, shiny, peacock feathers.

Peacocks are just so very happy in their nests of brightly colored feathers, are they not?

Ever notice how it looks like a big, ol’ “eye” on the tips of their tail feathers?

Too bad the peacock can not see past his own tail feathers (or the nasty nest he has created from them).

It is your job, newbies, NOT to become like the peacocks.

It is your job to stick to your guns, and never let yourselves forget that you ARE the new sheriffs in town.

Better than that, don’t let your “handlers” forget that you are the new sheriffs in town.

Don’t get tangled in their pretty, pretty nests.

DON’T give in to the temptations in Washington.

They are there…trust me, I know (first-hand).

Don’t fall in to their pit (for your personal actions will be used against you – guilty or innocent).

Stick to your guns.

Remember who sent you to Washington to clean that damned filthy town up.

This ain’t the Bowery boys (even though their “kind” have been running the show for a while now).

It’s your turn to “show them the ‘sting’ that the white hats can bring”.

Set the stage for what is coming.

Let them know that your reinforcements are behind you, and they are coming up fast to assist you, should you need it.

Make them play ball.

If they won’t play ball, then they are responsible for their own fates (they won’t blame Bush, this time).

Make us all proud (I guarantee you, we won’t forget!)!



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