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The Media of “O”, Scores Again

The last two days I have been ranting and raving about the media (Oprah Winfrey, Keith Obermann, Chris Matthews), and now, the glorious “New”, “York”, “Times” scores one yet again.

Jon Stewart as the “modern-day Edward R. Murrow.


As long as we are on the subject of media, there is another “convoluted” tie-in I wish to make here – one I mentioned in an earlier article (or, at least, alluded to) – it was that comment made by the late Tim Russert (he’s has passed away, and I do not wish to pick on the dearly departed who can not defend themselves, but then, an agenda lives on, so let the living defend the position, since it lives on – and why not – nothing else is sacrosanct with a media they control who incessantly extols their virtue); the comment alluding to another that seems to point at one made by a forefather  — “Beware the Pamphleteers” — which also had connotations related to my blog, Precipii, here.

“Beware the Pamphleteers”, Russert said.

Let’s examine it in exacting context.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton had realized (along with a failing world of journalism) that there was a new sheriff in town.  Like Oppenheimer before them, they realized that they had “let the Genii out of the bottle”, and there was NO putting him back.

The internet was here, and free speech had been returned to that hands of the people.

What they hated (Russert, and gang) was that their so-called “fifth” column was now disintegrating.

Former football analysts, comfortable in their role of  sitting on the sidelines and casually commenting on the action taking place on the field of battle, could no longer “rule” from their positions of over-weight, potato-chip-eating armchair quarterback.

Now, they were not simply, metaphorically, an active participant as “fifth” column (I think they’ve had one-too-many fifths, myself), but now, bloggers were forcing their hands.

They had to get in the ballgame, for real, now that they have been reduced to the same status as any other citizen.

So, I think I am making a case now for Jon Stewart.

Perhaps Edward R. Murrow wasn’t “all that”.

Think about it.

He was a journalist born of the era of rosebud and “Citizen Kane“.

So, we as consumers of their blase crap are supposed to be soaking up everything they say as if we were all a bunch of “Sponge Bobs”.

Nope, not this blogger.

Look, Russert can casually make a comment such as “Beware the Pamphleteer” and we are supposed to read into that that our forefathers had some sort of grand insight into the reasons that having a personal and individual opinion about (something) is a dangerous thing.

It is not!

It represents the very foundation of this Nation’s uprising, of its revolt against tyrany, of its existence in true freedom.

You can not simply stand some high ground and act as if everything that is opposed to you and your way is anarchist.

You can’t rule from a position of authority, when you have none.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

And the pudding that is being served by the likes of Russert and Jon Steward, isn’t even palatable.

More akin to rat poison.

Now they do have their right to be wrong, but as consumers of their “flawed” product MUST be wise enough to recognize that what they are selling is the journalistic equivalent of an Edsel.

It’s all flash, got all the right parts, seems to have all the best technology and all the very best bells and whistles…but the damned thing just won’t sell to the American people.

It doesn’t sell because it has no soul.

The cars that were born of great ideas, hard work at the drawing board, time and time and time and worry and worry and worry over the details – this is what made the great American classic authomobile.

It was the real McCoy.

The Edsel was a conglomerate of what someone thought was the American ideal car; and it was a flop.

Now, I’m not saying Stewart is, necessarily, an Edsel, but look at the numbers!

The Nation seems united…fully 80% by some estimates reject Obama…but more than Obama, the reject liberalism (for which he stands).

Watch five minutes of Stewart and you see nothing but liberalism.

So, how does the NY Times hail him as the modern Edward R. Murrow?


Murrow was a media darling as well.

He wasn’t all that, and neither was Citizen Kane.

“The Media” does not have the moral ground on which to stand; but here is an even more important factoid other than morality or ethics – they do not have the historical ground on which to stand!

It was the pamphleteers who forged this Nation.

It will be, I predict, the bloggers who quench the steel, and refine it into the greatest weapon known to man.

We will prevail in spite of this government’s attacks on us where we live and breath.

They can unfairly tax our words (even the characters that make them up) – but they will not put down this uprising.

They can prop up their “shills” like Oprah, Stewart, “The View”, Obermann, Matthews* — but they will never have real veracity.

They will never be a ’67 vette, a 57 Bel Air, a ’66 Shelby or a Stutz Bearcat.

They will always be clunker Edsels like Jon Steward (or Oprah).





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BoycottLiberalism.com .

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