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We Gots da Consumshun


Dat’s waz wrong wid uz.

We Gots da Consumshun.

In olden day, it would mean that we were dying from the croup.

In today’s terms, it means that we are dying from too much consumerism.

We are, in the vernacular of the good ol’ boy from where I hail, “eat up with it”.

We got it, through-and-through.

How so (you might, if truly bereft of good sense, ask)?

Well, let me tell ya.

We just can’t get enough of consuming.

We are consuming Ophrah and her “tell-all” horse hockey.

We are consuming Jerry Springer…and Johnny Depp.

You know, I’d really, really like to say “who gives a big hairy”, but then…

They are, after all, “human beings” (or are they?).

I mean, think about it.

Who really does care what they are up to?

Who wants to support their habits by buying their products?

Apparently, everyone.

Everyone who wants to throw money at Hollywood, Babylon.

Look at what their lifestyles have done to the nation.

And now, now that the chips are down, who do they hire to help them turn around their fiasco?

Who indeed.

Stephen, flippin, Schpielburger.


More of his “Spiel” (AND, he hails from the hamlet of Spiel).


Really, haven’t we consumed enough horse-shit?

Maybe not.

Since we are all “mind-numbed” robots.

We’ve consumed the cool-aid…we’ve “taken the blue pill”.

Pandora is in the gut.

So how do we get out of the mess?

We simply stop smoking the herb.

Stop taking the drug.

STOP believing the crap.

Sorry, but unless we REALLY lose our innocence, we will never “grow outta this phase”.

It is time to start hanging with new friends.

These guys are simply losers (and their policies prove my point).

Lose your innocence, America.

Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales (as told by fairies).

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