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The Counter-(intel) of “O”

Really, Oprah Winfrey?

You don’t worry about “President Palin” because you believe in the “intelligence” of the American people?

What measure intellect?

Is it being able to spell potato?


Knowing what a stone’s throw is, and something a bit further (like Russia from your back porch).

Of course, down here in the South where I hail, we often use the concept of exaggeration for effect.

But, no matter, let’s simply talk what constitutes “intellect” in the world today.

Intellect (intel) is comprised of a bunch of scoundrels who push an agenda to the next level, taking it all the way over the top, but not through some homey exaggeration, but through a more insolent “home boy” kind of way where they make good on the exaggeration.

Here, when they see that a little bit of socialism does not work, they pour on more socialism to see it work even less.

Then, when they see the very biggest and oldest forms of quasi-socialism failing (in Europe), what do they do?

Pour on some more socialism.

Spend, spend, spend and let the devil take tomorrow.

And you want to slap the GOP by insinuating that Sarah Palin is stupid?

You can go to hell, Oprah (and take what passes for intellect inside your noggin straight there with you).

There is NO intelligence in seeing that something doesn’t work and then saying, “well, we didn’t do enough of it, let’s do some more”.

As for the intelligence of the American people…I really don’t think that will matter, in the end.

Your barbarians have raided the public coffers, have taken over private industry, have cornered the market on the money supply by ‘assimilating’ the banks.

You think the American people (which ever ‘sect’ of them you represent) are truly stupid, not intelligent.

You think we are idiots and simple sheep who will stand by and say, “duh, well, I see the point in her warped logic…(think Disney’s “Goofey” here)…uh, yeah…we should not vote for Palin because she is dumb, and we should vote for Obama because he is smart, uh huh”.

Problem is, Oprah, the only “Dopeys” we have in this nation are the morons who follow you and your shows (all for money, or the opportunity to be seen on TV, or simply the opportunity to get together with you and your sisterhood to “emote”).

Well, guess what, Oprah…”emoting” is not “thinking” – it is simply gushing.

It requires no special logic to cry, or to laugh, or to sing.

Something can just strike you as funny, or sad.

To be factually correct does not require emotion.

No higher level thinking comes about (that I can think of) from tears, or laughter or pain.

You can point out that someone has an open wound (which you do profusely on your show), but without lending any help on actually healing that wound (and, I’m sorry, Dr. Phil does not qualify as “healing”); then all you are doing is getting together for a pity-fest.

Well, we don’t need a pity-fest in America.

What we need is real intellect of the kind that results from actions that result in POSITIVE change.

The changes you and your other Chicago-land thugs have shoved down our throats has brought nothing but misery on the nation.

So, you want to talk about our “intelligence” while you  “whine and cry” on your show of shows?

Here’s one for ya.

We are damned tired of taking it up the wazoo by you dip-wads who would rather emote than think (this goes for the women of “The View” too).

But, let’s not stop there.

Chris Matthews, you still feeling that “tingle” run up your leg (pretty soon, my friend, its going to be a warm, wet feeling running down your leg).

Or, how about you, Mr. Keith Obermann (don’t wish to pick ONLY on the ladies); oh, but I am remiss – Obermann and Matthews are probably both “honorary” women (kinda like our first, real, black President – thank you, President Clinton).

So here’s the deal.

If you are a man, you are a man (how’s that for thinking?).

If you are a woman, you are a woman.

Where do ya go from here?

Well, if you are human, you have the capacity for higher-level thinking (man, or woman, black woman or white man).

What counts is that you have a brain stem connected to your…brain.

I too, “Emm Ess” Winfrey, I too think that American’s have brains.

I also think that they have hearts.

I believe, my dear woman, that people have a tendency to remember things that impact their hearts (“Remember the Alamo”).

Unlike you (and yours – you are, after all, a simple metaphor for the rest of the media, and, by the way, everything that is WRONG with America)…unlike you and yours, Precipii (also, a quasi-petite metaphor for the REST of the media – since I publish a blog, I am, by definition, a small, humble portion of the “media”) — Precipii will NEVER play with people’s hearts and minds.

And by the way…Davey Crockett made a conscious decision to go to fight at the Alamo, and it was NOT based on hatred, but for believing in something that was worth giving his life for (he was a Congressman from our state, and NO simpleton, idiot).

We (the Precipii – think “legion”) will NEVER play with their hearts and minds and try and manipulate them into believing that one thing passes for intelligence, while another is stupid.

What is STUPID, is anyone who thinks that this Chicago-gangland-style of politics has motivated any real, positive change for this nation.

It simply has not.

So, here’s the deal, “Emm Ess” Winfrey…I too believe in the intellect of the American people, but I also believe in their capacity to make rational decisions based on both their intellect AND their heartstrings.

They do know right from wrong, and I think what you just witnessed in the recent election is but a small example of that.

I think you have now sealed the deal, and they will demonstrate once more to you (paltry) 20% who still support Obama and his mindless policy that they do in fact have the capacity for higher thinking.

They will show you the door.

They will show you that just because you feel it in that little heart of yours, it doesn’t mean that it is valid, logical, or that it even remotely resembles common sense (which, by they way, was also yet ANOTHER product of pamphleteers/bloggers. Sorry, Mr. Russert, but we ARE doing a better job of journalism than you and your phoney-baloney “journalists” with all that “integrity” and all).

So, casting all reason and all feelings aside…just wait…Americans WILL show you that they are both capable of thinking, and that they are capable of reason, AND they are capable of ACTING based on JUST THEIR FEELINGS (I HOPE to GOD that they do not, when the time comes).

I HOPE they will rely on their good sense, logic and reason.

I hope they will be reasonable.

But if they are not, then it is my humble belief that it will be based on the logic of their forefathers.  When every other option has been tried, when reason fails, there is but one response and that is one that is rarely based on reason and logic.

It usually leads to bloody revolution.  You and yours, my dear woman, will NOT get away with your concept of a bloodless coup.

You have essentially destroyed our economy, and our way of life with your feel-good nonsense.

No more.

No more of your Jerry Springer, low-life shows, no more of your 20% who are undereducated and base everything they do and feel on raw emotions and nothing on rational and sound reasons based on being poor, under-educated or feeling as if they’ve bumped headlong into a crystal ceiling and now live in a “pink collar” ghetto.

What it is, Ms. Winfrey, is that your mindset, your ideology and your politics have failed, and failed miserably.

Now, it is time to let good sense prevail, BEFORE we wind up with more of YOUR brand of revolt (which, by the way, is simply revolting).

We do not need this society to break down into utter chaos (which is exactly what will happen if the “intelligent” of this country continue to listen to you and Joy Behar).

The only think any of you on the left do is stir up ill-tempered emotions and trouble.

You want a fight, and you are bound and determined to get it, and I will tell you simply, that it is coming.

I feel pretty certain that this “intelligent” American population (as defined by you) will act on their intelligence and not what their feelings tell them someone else “deserves”.

But if the 20% really got what they deserved, it would be punitive at best…and a real revolution at its worst (and it will make the Bolsheviks look like a bunch of candy-stripers).

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