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I Believe

I have this latent memory (probably shared, I suspect, by others with similar experience) of a statement I once made, and more aptly, the repercussion it evoked.

Have you ever made one of those remarks which is fairly innocuous (in your mind) that was, for all appearance, antithetical to the “beliefs” of the person hearing the remark.

Now that I think about it, I’ve had several such experiences.

“Holy Cow”, comes to mind (I was once read the riot act for that one).

Who knew?

Another “saying” that gets me in trouble is “I believe”.

For example, the science teacher asks the pupil a question.

Oh, let’s see, what’s a good example.

Oh yes, here’s one:

Professeur: “Precipii, what is Newton’s first law¹”

Precipii: “Well…doc…I believe that…”

Professeur: “You silly fool.  Don’t you know that science is NOT a belief system?”

Well, let’s just say that Mon-Senior Profess-sewer maybe was holding on to reality just a wee bit too tight.

But then, he did have a point.

We simple and simplified humans seem always to wish to attribute what we see and feel and experience to something profound – something earth-shattering…perhaps even something – religious (“it was a religious experience”).

We have to have something to tie it all to.

And why not God?

Well, He is the creator of all, and He is the Alpha and the Omega.  The do-all and end-all to all things.

So why not tie a stinky albatross around His neck (since no one else will wear it?).

Now I don’t mean to imply that science (or Newton’s laws, or, for that matter, Newton) is a stinky Albatross.

But, I do emanate from that “school” of thought that God is behind everything that we see and do, with one caveat: God (a body that is pure good) can NEVER get attribution for that which is evil.

And face it (like it or not), man, by biblical definition, is evil.

We can not escape sin.

We are less than divine.

Which, I think, lends credence to the biblical quote “My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways” (that was attributed to God, by the way).

Simple enough.

Doesn’t make me want to give up though…in fact, why, I believe it makes me wish to press forward!

Now, back to Newtonian physics.

Science is not evil, except that it is practiced (exclusively, I believe – oh, there I go again) by man.

The same, by the way, can be said of religion.

By my definition (well, maybe defined by someone else, but I ascribe to it)…by my definition, “I believe” that science is simply methodology we simple creatures use to “discover” God.

A good teacher once told me that.

One of the best things I ever heard a teacher utter.

We put His (God’s) good works under a microscope, and we learn about His creation.

We mortal humans worry about going through the scanners at airports, one can ONLY imagine how it must make God feel to be scrutinized so by our science (or, more aptly, His works…are scrutinized).

But then, science is truly intricate, and it gives us all something to do while we while away the hours etching tick marks of significant events taking place during our time spent here on God’s good earth.

I have to wonder about motivation here, and take a pause (why do we do what we do whacka-do).

Ahh, there, the pause that refreshes (still, God doesn’t need the tick marks, He has the book of life – so who the heck are we doing it for?  Our own vanity?  Our progeny?  Their vanity? – Maybe, just because it seems worth doing).

Or maybe we do wish to make science our god?  (not meeee).

Oh, back to point.

We do it to “discover” God and His handiwork.

Well, I began this essay at 4am this morning (bad food from last night has kept me awake – actually too much food; it was all good, just not-so-good for the belly).

Anyhow, here is this article as I originally envisioned it (damned tired of all this writing from the gut – too much “meandering”).

“I Believe”

I believe in the Boy Scouts, as I am a boy scout and I like what they taught me. Feel the same about Freemasonry.

I believe that Newton had it right – apples do fall to the earth (and there is a reason this happens – so don’t sit under the apple tree, even with me ’cause hard-headed as I am, I still don’t like getting conked on the noggin by apples).

I believe in Jesus Christ as my saviour, and as the son of God and if I am so blessed to one day look upon His face, I believe I will peer into the eyes of God Himself.

I believe in kids.  Kids have a way of making it seem that everything will always be “okay”.

I believe in friends (for what is a man without them?).

I believe in capitalism (hell, it made America strong for over 200 years – why not believe in it – seems to work).

I believe in America (we DO stand for GOOD things – in spite of what some long-haired, non-church-going European may aspouse – East- or West- European).

I believe in the dignity of mankind. I believe Shakespeare had this one about right…maybe like a peacock preening its own feathers, but I believe God did do good when He created us.

I believe space is expanding (contracting as well)…and I think that scientists who don’t see that right here on earth when ice expands, and rocks fissure and crack, and land (in the form of rocks) rolls into the sea and expands continents – I believe “those” “scientists” just don’t “get it” (any more than they “get” global climate change – it is a dynamic system, dummy- of course it changes, just like the Universe – get it?).

However, I also believe that some scientists may have it right on space – it may just be “curved” (I know that the spaces in Tennessee sure are – up, down and side-ways).

I believe man will endure.  I believe the West will get through this financial crisis (but it won’t do so through a group hug, or other forms of collectivism); it will do so through true grit, and individual integrity (an integrity that won’t fissure, even in the toughest ice storms – and yet, that man of integrity will continue grow and expand, and never just roll off into the sea).

Our nation, our one nation under God, will continue (with His countenance) to grow and expand just like Jabez’ prayer.

I believe this!

And now, I believe, it is time to stop writing (for this day) and go have some breakfast (tummy is starting to feel a little better).

1) An object in motion will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. (Or, alternatively, an object’s velocity remains constant unless the object is acted upon by an external force.), excerpt from entry in  Conservapedia, page (version) last modified on 1 January 2008, at 00:09, http://www.conservapedia.com/Newton%27s_Laws_of_Motion.

“The simple fact is that when I took up my little sling and aimed at Communism, I also hit something else. What I hit was the forces of that great socialist revolution, which, in the name of liberalism, spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, always in the same direction, has been inching its ice cap over the nation for two decades. …[T]hough I knew it existed, I still had no adequate idea of its extent, the depth of its penetration or the fierce vindictiveness of its revolutionary temper, which is a reflex of it struggle to keep and advance its political power.”

-Whittaker Chambers

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