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What were they thinking?

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, but honestly, what were they thinking?

You have some of the most deviously-brilliant minds behind Obama (and for that matter, the rest of the Democratic party) and look at the SPECTACULAR failure that is their campaign (or, should I say, agenda?).

Were they so blinded by the ambitions they have for their “great, new world” that they lost sight of what lie precisely before their very noses?

What more, what will become of them apres-election?

Can you imagine how this ass-whoopin’ is going to resonate among their ranks?

How will they reorganize?

You know they will.  So what will become of them?  What Phoenix will rise from these ashes?

A moderate, perhaps?

Who is moderate in the Democrat Party.  I mean, I ask you.


I don’t think moderation will be what these scoundrels will opt for.

They will simply delve deeper and deeper into this fantastic fantasy world they have created for themselves…this grave new world they have painted on some Hollywood canvas – a world which does not (and will not) exist, except in their hearts and minds.

Understand, there is no winning those hearts and minds. They will not be reasoned with, and as they have proven, they are not interested in compromise (where is the bipartisanship, Mr. President?).

So where will we go from here?

I think our party, for one, will do much the same.  We will ensconce ourselves in our own party platform.

The principle difference is, that in so-doing, we will demonstrate that our way actually works.

Who can argue with that one (who indeed, Mr. Jackass).

Or, perhaps some holly-weird director.

But even if they were to win their argument, at what cost?  Will they not be satisfied until the whole country is living in tattered rags, and China is beating us down with their sabors?

Holy Toledos (and, sorry, China…I don’t really think you are “of that ilk” – it is just to demonstrate a point – we do owe you money, and much of it).

The point is…we gotta put on our big-boy pants now.   We gotta pay our debts (and, for your parties, Mssrs. Presidentè and Al Gore, and Mandame Speaker).  You’ve been calling for somebody to play your tunes for oh-so-long now….now, we the people have to pay that damned piper (and by the way, that tune “Love Story” is getting real, reall old).

So Democrats, here’s my piece of advice…step to the shadows of stage left.

We are back, and we are pissed, and we are not taking prisoners.

Get out of our way, and let us clean up the mess you sorry so-and-so’s have made (and as to the peacenik hippies and union thugs who put you in office – grow the hell up and get a life, you snot-nosed brats – read your history books, get away from the damned television, and learn something about not only YOUR heritage here in America, but also, how that heritage has DIRECTLY impacted the world (and in a positive way) since its even before its inception in 1776).

This country has no need (or room) for the malfeasance of the mal-content any longer.

Put on your big-boy pants, and get your asses to work!

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