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The Devil’s “Tinkling Bell”

You know, it never ceases to amaze me just how the devil operates.

Here the bastard is, kicked out of the Kingdom of God…you know, I’m reminded of a TV show that was popular when I was a kid.

Any of you remember “Branded” ? I remember that I was intrigued by a guy who was (supposedly, anyway) falsely accused.

In his case the supposed offense was cowardice, and he spends the rest of his life trying to disprove it (apologies to Cervantes; although I do seem to remember that Quioxte once actually WAS a hero, at one time – just befuddled by wind mills in old age or something – once a warrior, always a warrior, I suppose).

There are obvious modern parallels with political people, it seems, constantly pointing fingers at one another and looking to place (or mis-place) blame.

Who is to blame.

Well, I think to get to the bottom of this conundrum, the first question that begs asking is “Who is in charge?”.

We know we’ve got a lousy President who can’t stand and deliver, and we know we’ve got a lousy Congress backing him up (who also has not been able to get anything done since the second year of the second term of the last guy who was branded).

All we need now is a lousy Supreme Court for a Supreme Triple Threat of lice-infested goodness (and it looks as if, from all the most-recent “recusing of oneself” that this is exactly the direction in which we are headed, at least in the case (or lack thereof, ahem) of the Supreme Courtesans).

So who is really “branded” in all this?

Who has something to prove?

Jimmy Carter perhaps?  (I think he got his peace prize didn’t he?  God love he and Albert Gore and those “lovey-dovey” hipsters over in the Norwegian HQ of “Prize Central” – “I’m Ed McMahon and you have just won the lottery!”

You know, the one Carter won for that “peace process” he chaired that has borne so much fruit since his hey-day.  And what was it Gore won his for?  Can any of you “new millenials” remember a history as recent as that one?

Oh yes – Global “Shmarming” (kind of like a peace process that never delivers peace, or an “initiative” for a great society that only delivers more and more misery (making it everybody’s problem, kind of like a cess pool that over-flows into all your neighbor’s yards – ooooo….embarrassing).

People are already making comparisons between Obama and Carter.

Mention Nixon, and people say “well, at least HE got us out of Viet Nam” (just forget about opening up China, or setting the stage for a melting of the iron curtain through his cordial approach to Russia and Breznev (lest we forget the mountains of grain we sent them? Anyone remember that?  Anyone?  Anyone?).

Looks like (since we can’t seem to finish what we start), we’re are soon going to be needing another Nixon.

This oughtta make all you hippies and former hippies out there feel REAL good.

Turning this MASSIVE blunderbuss that the liberals have created around, and restoring our good name in the world-at-large, is going to simply take somebody even bigger than Ronald Reagan.

The principles are the same, but he (or she) will have to pull together a team dedicated to our core CONSERVATIVE principles with no over-dramatized BS!

We won respect in the world through such principles (again, I invoke the name of Reagan) – but really, less Reagan and more Reagan, Thatcher, Kirkpatrick, Shultz, Haig, Nixon, Goldwater, Teddy, Churchill and even Disraeli (dig that one up, “new millenials”).

It is through these core principles for which these men and women dedicated and devoted their lives of service that a positive change occurred in the world through strength, and through a dedication to a set of core beliefs that actually WORK for everybody.

High prosperity, low unemployment, not to mention, they actually WIN wars.

On top of that, they bring down the IRON CURTAIN (Churchill MUST be smiling) – not only that, but they open up POSITIVE relations with China – the world was never a safer place but after the influence of CONSERVATIVE politicians.

And what does this leave the liberals with?  Griping.

Constant moaning and bitching…whining and complaining – and why?  Because THEIR philosophies can not deliver RESULTS!!!

After seeing all of this “branding” taking place in politics, why would anyone wish to buy the nonsense that is being touted today by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Kagan, Biden, Pelosi, Reed, Carter, Carville, Mondale and the like?

Why, in God’s name?

It is a marketing DISASTER.  It defines absolute blunder.

Over and over this bunch of radicals come around with their promises of great societies, and their inane and stupid warnings of how we conservatives are taking you and your grandmother straight down the road of hell.

We are dividing you because we don’t like the blood of abortions on OUR hands…because WE like to PROTECT our homes with OUR guns, something (sorry Ben Franklin, Ol Boy) that all YOUR National Guard, Police Force, and yes, even guardian angels cannot provide.

But guess what?  In my South, people own guns, and low lifes get shot dead for breaking and entering (no trial).  EVERY case in national news should turn out so good.

What I insist that you consider, America, is the history.

We offer all the great things this world can bring, and our philosophy actually DELIVERS on the promise.

You get lots and lots of promises from the left, but no proof in the pudding.

Theirs is a sounding brass, that tinkling bell full of sound and fury and signifying NOTHING!!!

We strive and work for the things God wants for his children – peace and prosperity for the world, security for the individual man, woman and child (you can even provide it your selves, with your OWN guns).

They promise great things, and they only deliver strife, desolation, class envy and warfare and utter and complete chaos (as witnessed by the current conditions illicited by their utter nonsense).

And what do they scream for?  REVOLUTION.  (They tell us its good for us…horseshit – WHEN has it EVER been good?).

It is way past time to realize that America needs to get back on track.  That America needs to once again be proud…if there are those who can not stand those conditions that we offer, I will offer this.

Just as in the days of Viet Nam, CANADA is calling your name.

Why don’t you just take your liberal asses and move to Montreal – I’m certain they would welcome you with open arms – and instead of your draft card, you can burn your social security card (which thanks to your policies is worth just about as much in today’s value).

Rots or Ruck, you filthy, thieving scumbags!

Oh, and by the way, SHOULD you decide to stay, you are most welcome to come to my house and “break and enter” (just do so at your own peril).

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