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“Hang all the Lawyers”


If this comes to pass, it is the official endorsement and absolute recommendation of “The Precipice” for every state in the Union of 50 (those with souls, anyway) to secede from the Union and form a “more perfect Union” whose first rule of order will be to LITERALLY hang all the lawyers from highest Oak Tree in the land (and I mean with EXTREME prejudice – WITHOUT concern for party affiliation, or whether they wear white hats).

Kill ’em, kill ’em dead, and secede.

The second rule of order “that the new Congress shall make no laws that are put together by God-forsaken ambulance-chasers”.

Elect no lawyers, DEAL with no lawyers, and see to it that no one ever becomes a “scholar” of the law.

Keeping it real, and keeping it pure means keeping it pristine for you and me, and lawyers are about nothing more than FILTH.

Let’s take back this country and show them, they AIN’T the ones in charge (WE ARE).

I guarantee you that without them and their mindset, WE THE PEOPLE will form a more perfect union!


The Precipii

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