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What a Mood. What a Zeitgeist. WHAT A CROCK!

Do you remember like I, the old movies, lousey “B” grader’s from the 50’s, 60, and yes, even 70’s (before all the soft-core “nudey” beach movies of the 80’s), – you know the one’s where some announcer would say things like “see the one-armed lady wrestle a snake”, or “Count Blackula, chocolate vampire death never oozed so good” ? Admittedly, cheesy as hell, but BOY what they could illicit.  You were ready to rush out and buy a ticket.

Enter the political spin-meisters of the modern day (read journalist here, for it is THEY who do the monkey-handling, dirty-work of the Demon-erratic party).

Everyone from this set seems to believe that these elections coming up in (what, now, in about a month) are going to trigger all sorts of political meltdowns.

One recent author even describes that the (as he calls it now – not my sentiments) the “tea baggers” revolution is bound to happen.  He says (like all brigand, hippie sons-a-bitchen long-haired radical journalism commies with their “feel-good” approach to reporting politics), that “necessarily” (as IF it is a given) that a Wall-Street orgy is about to happen after Republicans take office and that EVERYTHING will go further to hell in a handbasket.


Does anyone remember (even vaguely) the HAPPY times that were in effect when the Republicans were in power?

Nasty, filthy, obnoxious behavior did not begin until these RADICAL SOB’s took power under Obama’s pledge of new hope.

But EXACTLY like the dirt-bags under Herr Albert Gore’s icey wing, the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket because of CONSERVATIVE thoughts, and capitalism.

Give me a break.

This strife and God-foresaken civil unrest is DIRECTLY proportional to YOUR policies DEMOCRAT.

It ain’t us creating havoc in the universe.  It is YOU dumb bastards and your lousey, left-wing “underground” philosophy.

Ain’t coservative thought that’s driving this so-called Revolution (that by the way, YOU think is so GOOD for America) – it is your numb-skull, underground philosophies.

Give me a break.

Is it not enough that your gloom-and-doom approach to this LIE that was Global Warming turned out to be exactly what we always said it would be – total horse-shit.

Now, here’s another prediction that I believe you’ll have to wrap up in your crying towels come 2011 and 2012 – America AIN’T going down the tubes in some revolt that you think is GOOD.

What good can come out of bloodshed?  There ain’t no good in that.

The good that is going to happen is when we (read conservatives now – not tea party boys and party girls, but REAL conservatives) — when we take power again, begin to apply our principles and re-establish something that approaches stability in our great democracy, and even greater capitalist market place.

When normalcy returns (as opposed to your melting ice packs and spiralling economies) – when that normalcy returns, you will see the greatest revenge.

You will see prosperity return.

You will see our “enemies” (just hang in there, China) return to a level of CONFIDENCE in the Red, White and Blue.

It is your dumb-asses who have torn down everything we built.

What your thieving assess can’t seem to wake up and realise is that what we offer actually works…what you offer are nothing more than delusional fantasy that lead only to civil strife and blood shed.

By my calculation, you MUST be working for Satan himself – only HE could love misery as much as you assholes.

I don’t see a mass scale bloody revolution run by the people of this great country.  They are smarter than you dumb bastards (right now) in Washington, and smarter than you flippin journalists.

What they will do (and you mark my words) is WAIT until the new breed can take a firm footing, until the NEW (old) philosophy can take time to root and reverse all this God-foresaken nonsense that you small-minded bastards have planted, and again return this Nation (One, under God) to its former glory.

Mark my words, the revolution…will be of the glorious kind (not the kind hippies in tea shades wearing Chairman Mao hats would like to see).

Go to hell, you commie Stalinists.  Meet your long-haired, hippie brothers and sisters in its fiery depths!

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