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The Eagle and The Falcon

Both are birds of prey.

Both sit atop the chasm.

The Eagle, perhaps, is a bit more reserved in some manners.

Benjamin Franklin called it a buzzard.

From the perspective of this Falcon, sitting on the precipice, I sometimes wonder if he was correct.

I’m not a provocateur, nor an advocate of any such acts; I reference, of course, the burning of the Koran.

I’d be upset if someone were burning the bible.

I AM upset when someone tramples my flag (or worse, burns it).

The photo that I immediately see when the news of the “potential”, “good” book burning hits the air are a bunch of sandal-footed Mohammedans trampling on my country’s flag.

Here’s the straight skinny; I’m not a provocateur, and I do not go looking for fights.

That said, I’ve never backed down from one either.

While the Eagle may sit, steely-eyed and resolved (like a turkey buzzard over the lion’s kill), a Falcon will pounce when it is hungry, or when it or its progeny is threatened.

I consider 9-11 just such a threat, and I consider trampling on my flag (or burning it) a simple act of provocation.

I’ve watched our flag burned by hippies, yippies, panthers, and weather underground.

While an eagle may sit on its laurels, quivers and arrows, a falcon will only take so much guff.

My message to the world is simple; you want to start a conflagration, just mess with this Scots-Irish Son-of-a-Bitch from the South.

We are tired of taking guff from the world, and the time for words is running out quick.

Some of us are not turkey buzzards, and we have not forgotten our basic instinct.

A few individual hearts are still sovereign, and in control of their destiny (God-willing, of course).

I’m not an advocate of burning books or of provoking wrath – but then, so say the perpetrators of 9-11 (it was a political statement, after all).  So is the building of a Mosque at ground zero.

If the burning of this Koran leads to drawing out the enemy, then I say – whatever bait we need to get these bastards, let’s use it.

When you are hunting, there are two basic instincts that are always at play – courtship, and fighting.

When you are calling in a turkey, you will either emulate a hen, or another Tom (generally, the latter).

The Tom you pursue (versus the one you emulate) will either be motivated by his instinct for pro-creation, or his instinct to fight to protect his flock (and thus maintain his position as prince of his harem).

This fooling around with this bunch of terrorists (and their “imagined” harem of virgins in heaven) has gone on long enough.

How does the burning of a book compare with the burning of 3,000 souls in the World Trade Center?

Or the building of this mosque?

The falcon watches from on high; scratch that turkey call, and watch that turkey strut (you smarmy turkey-buzzards, you).

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