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I’m tired….

as I know, is, everyone else (who is “of my ilk”).

How much more can we be expected to endure?

As the “leader” (and his family) “vacate”, we are left holding the bag.

Everyone knows this “ain’t” right (even the Clinton camp).

There is no “lawyering” you way out of this.


Don’t blame anybody, take responsibility, just like you expect from your “so-called” dead-beat dads.

Well, guess what “so-called” Fathers of our Country…

YOU are dead-beat dads.

YOU SUCK, and you SUCK royally.

Get your heads out of you asses and prove to us that you can do, what in your arrogance you SAY you can do.

Lead our country out of this mess!

I don’t think you are capable.

I also do not think your wives are capable.

Further, I also think that the people who elected you and support you are NOT capable.

They (and you) are quite simply, only, dregs.

You, in your elitism, from your tower on high, dictate to the rest of us lowly creatures “what it is” and “what it will be”.

Nothing good, by the way, ever came out of such an attitude, historically speaking.

We are wounded ducks, this country of ours, and you do absolutely nothing to pull us out of this disgusting state of affairs.

How can a nation fall so fast?

Because of your arrogance, and your inane refusal to let go of asinine programs, policies and yet even worse, dictum, dogma and principles that are, proven, unmitigated failures.

Let my people go, Pharoh.

Let my people go!

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