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And the bland payed on…

I hate to paint we honest, law-abiding taxpayers as anything but vanilla, but guess what?  We are all Vanilla CHUMPS.

We are chumps because we have allowed our country to go beneath the ninth level of hell in a Wiccan basket.

Our soldiers complain about their Supreme Commander, and yet, he answers to Obama.

He is now replaces by the last guy the tree-hugging FOOLS complained about.

His hands were tied, this McCrystal.

Now this morning’s news.

“Obama to Place Financial Institutions on a Tighter LEASH: to Affect Our Lives for the Next THIRTY YEARS!!!” (1, 2, 3).

What the hell?

As if his perverted S&M “bondage” game that this Hitler-esque “Presidential” weirdo is playing with his tin soldiers is not enough, now he has to go and screw with our lives even more by eroding our freedoms through our banking empires.

When will it be “enough is enough” for this megalomaniac?

How much more of his nonsense can we endure?

But I loose my wits.

The fact is, it is not poor Obama’s fault.

And the truth be told, it ain’t President Bush’s fault either.


It is those lousey SOB’s on the left side of the aisle.

But wait a minute.

It goes deeper.

It is those sorry Cretans who put the lousey Sons a Bitches in office.

And as long as we are on the subject of Sado-Masochistic perverts…

What the...

...is even the GREAT POLAR BEAR safe from his "probing" hands?  Methinks not!

…what the hell is up with this bastard (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)?

What was it they called him?

A “Sex Poodle” ???

You know, I’ve been called “Nazi” and “White Bred”…I just don’t give a shit what these bunch of werido-commie pricks call me any more.

While it true that I am white (even bland, vanilla)…I’ll accept that just like I accept “hillbilly” – but what is unacceptable to me is to continue to pay hard-earned money in the form of taxes for the shenanigans of this privileged few.

So, I guess for a time, “the bland pays on” … but not for long!

I just care about my country and saving it before these maniacs take what is left of it down the tubes with them in their homosexual, weird, perverted psycho, suicidal pilgrmmage to hell.

I can’t help that you are a bunch of miserable weirdos who have a death wish because of your weird-assed and warped ways; but as an individual, I can do my part to try and right this sinking ship that is Obama’s America.

Follow me, my Fellow Americans, and turn to God (and away from these nasty, slithering snakes).

Together, maybe we can turn the whole country upright again, and begin sailing the ship full-steam ahead, once again!

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