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Can this ship be righted?


In discussing with a suite-mate of mine at the office, I have come to understand that when yesterday I’d have clumb into the ring with Pat Buchanan on the issue of isolationism, today I find myself parked firmly (somewhat) in his camp.

My suite-mate (let’s call him “Will”) had pointed out to me that this would be the best strategy in a world that is going fast down the hill to financial pergutory.

Well, he’s right about the world.

And I wonder that if Germany is to survive, if perhaps they too should take his advice?

Consider it.

A novel idea.

A Nation FOR its own people.

How ’bout that?

Perhaps if America practices isolationism, and the Euro-Nations follow suit, we will all re-build our economies  (and from the inside, out).

Perhaps it is not such a bad strategy.

But what of China?

What happens to them in this model?

As isolationists, can they survive, this burgeoning commie-capitalist experiment on the New World stage?

I would assume that they could produce and sell as all things “China-for-the-Chinese”, but I could not for a moment think that this would not have some lasting effects, globally.

But hey, we’ve talked about trying everything else, why not this?

If the world would agree, perhaps the cooling off period would give each nation a chance to right their own financial ships.

Perhaps we would all be sailing smooth waters again.


But for now, let’s be confident in our peerless leader and his cast of characters.

They are doing such a marvelous job cleaning up the Gulf (how was that cocktail, Mr. President?  Enjoy it? GOOD!), not-to-mention all the great strides they are making on our behalf in regulating the internet (I’m certain they will begin taxing us by the character on the blogs next).

So thank you, President Obama, Mr. Cocktail-drinking, gallivanting around the Gulf Shores, Presidential man – for all you do, this dud’s for you!

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