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To Promulgate Rhetoric

On the subject of casting words against the wind for the purpose of planting ideas in the manner in which dandelion seeds are thus scattered and the plant’s profuse promulgations of progeny thus ensured, so be it with the vile and useless words of the Demonratic Rhetorician.

Consider one, William Jefferson Clinton.

Need I say more?

But of course, I need.

Who does this guy think he is to stand up against this rising firestorm of criticism coming from the Right?  This blows the concept of audaciity not only out of the water, but off the planet, out of the solar system, through the galaxy, beyond the Universe and way, way out into the dark unknown.

Clinton actually has the temerity to criticize and speak of OUR rhetoric?

Consider how Mr. President Clinton handled the situation with “that woman”…remember that one?  Remember what his own rhetoric sounded like?  It was like a tooting ass of an elephant-sized jack-ass, that what it was.

“I did not have sex with that woman”-Bill Clinton…this is the same man who says that what we write and say (such as what I’ve published here on my blog) rises to the level of hate speech and rhetoric?

This coming from the High-Dark Prince of Rhetoric.

It depends on what ‘is’ means

Let me give you an idea of what it means, Mr. President.

You ever heard the term “Voir Dire”?

Oh, but of course: you, like all your “compatriots” on Capitol Hill, are all lawyers.  The entire, thieving bunch of you!

Thieving.  Lawyers.

So, dear and kind critic of “our” rhetoric, let me spell it out here for those of my readers who are NOT high-priced, high-falootin’ Washington-lawyers.

“Voire” is a French word.

Voire dire (from the Anglo-Norman) – means simply, “To tell the TRUTH”…(1, 2, ), or, literally )to SEE the word, or, to see clearly, the Truth).

Is that not cunning, I ask?  How truly cunning IS the TRUTH!  There is no deception in it…it is, exactly “what it is”.

Our word “is”, IS a word in a similar vain – “TO BE”, as in the Bard’s “To be, or NOT to be, that is the question”.

The question for today IS…IS America to “BE” or not “TO BE” ???

Under your “rhetoric”, we certainly are “NOT” to be.

“What it is…” (to use street) IS your selfish and vainglorious attempts to re-make America in an image you think IS best for us.

Well, it ain’t.

It simply, purely, and absolutely AIN’T (sorry Mrs.-Dr. Ferguson, where-ever you IS – I can write good English…I’m just so hopping “MAD” that I choose NOT TO).

Mr.-President Clinton, are you for real?

I mean, this is beyond un-belief.

I never thought it possible that you could stoop to a new low.

Here we are, on this invention of YOUR Vice-President (the internet) doing EXACTLY what our forefather’s intended – EXACTLY what they, themselves did.

They were PAMPHLETEERS, you monumental MORON.

It IS what they DID.

They did it because they were living under repressive rule.


This is not HATE speech, it is political discourse.

If you can’t hang, GET THE HELL OUT OF POLITICS !!!

You have no place here.

Put on a diaper, sit cross-legged (join the rest of what, apparently, academia has stooped to today) and sit around and philosophy about the meaning of being (as in “the meaning of the word ‘is’ “).

Give me a freaking break !!!

You and yours do not have audacity…it is not audacity to cry wolf!  It is not audacity to sell your country (and their way of life – you know, CAPITALISM) down-the-road. It is NOT audacity to lay down our arms and allow our enemy to over-run us!

It is not Audacity, Mr. President, to spit in the eye of all that is sacred, of all that is honorable, and of all that is good.

It is not audacity, Mr. President.

It is, the very definition of hate speech.

You want a fight with an American, try and take away his freedoms.

It is not hate speech that we on our end promulgate, Mr. President(s)…it is YOUR speech that causes so many rallies across our great nation…it is YOUR speech, Madam Speaker, that causes people to get “up in arms”…it is YOUR speech, Harry Reed, that causes all this commotion.

YOU are the one’s yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.  YOU are pouring gas on the flames of revolt.

It is you who stoke the masses into a riotous, coflagratory frenzy.

We here, here in the blogosphere (and in radio land) – we are not “raising a dander” – we are merely pointing out what it means TO BE an American!

Now, there is a definition of “IS” for you.

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