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Impeach now…but who?

Leadership is a lonely word.

It is likened to an eagle atop a cliff.


They hunt in packs.

They are akin to Washington lobbyists, lawyers looking to move up into the world of politics, or judges looking to “expound” upon the Constitution, or upon the law (and there is a distinction).

There is most-assuredly a “throw-the-bums-out” mentality that is not simply “grass-roots” but ingrained in the ground-swell right now, today.

But it is not simply the President who is a poor leader.

It is also not simply the Congress.

It is us.

We the People, are very poor leaders.

We’ve shown our lack of leadership in the choices we have recently made.

We have chosen sides.

A popular song from the 60’s (that “defining” period of radicalism in our Nation’s history) conveys that “battle lines are being drawn…nobody’s right, when everybody’s wrong”….

Well, everyone is not “wrong” today, in this, our current situation.

Some of us are right.

What’s more,

some of us are righteous.

Now there is another word that developed new connotation in the 60’s. 

“That brother is righteous,” or “that is one, righteous set of threads that dude is sporting”.

Righteousness for rightesousness sake?

Give me a break.

The problem, as I see it, is that there is no real rightesousness in our leadership.

WE THE PEOPLE have failed our Nation, and failed it miserably.

Fortresses are being torn down.

The United States dollar is now on par with the Canadian (what is their unit of trade in Canada?  The Franc?  Dutch treats?  Clay coins?)…at any rate, we are on par with it.

So it is we who need impeaching.  I do not know upon whom we can with confidence rely now that we are unable to elect our own officials (impeach implies, methinks, that our power is taken away, but then…isn’t that really what the Demonrats have already accomplished anyway?).

So what is the next move for a “powerless” populus?

History do teach its lesson on the subject.

The Death of an Icon

While I’ve written at least a couple of columns on the subject (WF Buckley, Alexander Haig, et al.), this one is self-admittedly, somewhat “thumb in beak” (or rather, I mean, “tongue in cheek”…dogone alusions to those damned raptors sitting there, lonely hunters, high above the frey) – this one is definitely different.

Since the annointing of the illustrious one, we have witnessed a LOT of carnage.

It began with the death of General Motors.  There was much ado about the death of freedom, and the “death” of capitalism.

We are now (supposedly) witnessing the death of Nuclear Armament (yeah, right – Ivan may have different thoughts on this – along with Hop Sing).

The death of the dollar seems to be just around the next breath (Hail Canada!).

I think we’ve seen the death of our Constitution (now, anything that is said against anybody from the Democrat party is deemed “NAZI” or hate-speech, or vitriolic?  A week ago they were saying that at the tea-party rallies they (the Tea Party) was practicing bigotted, hate speech…they were comparing the rallies, literally, to Klan meetings…now they are saying that it is WE who are calling THEM Nazi’s – something doesn’t add up, but then, nothing adds up with this bunch of bums).

What else can possibly die in this Nation?

How about the passing of a real icon?  How about the death by strangulation of a bunch of already-dead, “white guys” (isn’t this the popular phrase for our Founding Father iconography?  Talk about beating your dead horse, Emporer Napolean, er, I mean “boy-King”).

And what is it with this whole, icon, business?  Real historical figures reduced to stamps?  To hieroglyphics etched on the walls of pyramids built to boy-King tyrants?

Yes folks, the progressives are truly “progressing” us right back to the caves.

Well here’s the death of a real icon for ya…the death of the misssing link.

That’s right, folks.

Science (if you can believe that there is such a thing as science anymore, I think it is rotting in the grave as well) has finally cracked it (digging up stinking bones is bound to be a precursor to what is about to happen to you).

It was announced in the news just last week, to little fanfare.

No one seems to have even noticed.

That’s right, Mr. Scopes, the monkey is now your cousin (and academia/science is now the monkey’s uncle).


The “discovery” has barely come to life in terms of fanfare and publicity, and it seems to have died before it took its first breath (from a the standpoint of the “news”-worthy item).

So here’s to you Mr. Half-Breed to the Neanderthaal.

You almost were, and now, it would seem, you are NOT.

My thumb is in my beak to you.

As for me and my house, I’ll stick to those offspring of the dinosaur, the magnificent raptors.

We will sit atop our perch and await the discovery of the missing link for eagle and T-Rex all-the-while, hunting our quarry (and that would be, the enemy of freedom, where-ever those progressive mongrels live, and breed).


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