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A Quack-Shrink’s Observations on Mental “stability”

First, my qualifications as a Quack-Shrink.

I am a writer.

I have made it my life’s ambition to study people.  Their character, their personality traits, their behavior.


I need “ink” for my pen (or, rather, a reason to sling it on the page).

No writer, I don’t think, can ever say that his characters are definitively based on anyone, for I would argue that in some way they are based solely on some composite of the real-life characters he’s encountered.

Add to this television and movies, and the origin of his characters become even more complex.

Of course, there is the outside chance that a very, very good writer might possibly (along with the room full of typewriters and monkeys eventually producing Shakespeare)…possible come up with a bonafide original character.  But I think it would be improbably, at best.

So, my qualifications as a Quack-Shrink.

Now I ask ya…and be sincere here…what would you (for we well know, everyone is a writer) what would you say of this cast of characters assembled today on the world’s political stage?

All the world, Sir William?  Sure, it is a stage, but this comedy shore as hell ain’t “divine”.

The more I watch the leadership of the Democratic party, the more convinced I become that they are stark-raving mad.

To follow up their first “punch” (healthcare) with a raid on a Christian-militia compound?  One that they have been following for some time?  Does anyone else question the timing on this raid?

And then to follow this punch up with promises of additional troops in Afghanistan, and that with offshore drilling?

What the hell is going on with these people.

Do you really want me to believe that they are so paranoid about “right-wing” nut jobs, that now they are adopting a hard, right-wing mentality?

Give me a break.

What is this…punch the guy in the nose and then offer him first-aid?

Sorry Doctor Healthcare, but I just don’t like what it is that you are dolling out.

From my perspective, it looks like a horse syringe full of bi-polar juice.

Holy Toledos.

I can not trust (at all) in a leadership that I can’t for the life of me figure out where they are going.

Do they think that this sting felt by tea-party (and GOP alike) will be somehow soothed by this new, right-wing stance?

Do they think it is going to placate all these “mad”, vitriolic hate-malingerers from the conservative side of things who are hell-bent on showing a bunch of penny-ante believers in radical change and revolution what the results of such an approach to leadership will look like – in terms of reprecussion?

In science, they say, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

My prayer for the day is that all from the right wing keep their wits, stick to their guns (figuratively and literally) and demonstrate to these knuckle-heads that not only do we have a consistent message for what is best for the nation, but also, that we will no bend, or break.

We will not vacillate, and we will not promulgate peace offerings (if that is what today’s headlines are – specifically offshore drilling and the whole troops thing) – but further, we will not change our stance on one issue offered up on our platform in order to balance something completely contrary to the left in order to keep the peace.

Peace is great.

I don’t like violence (and you can read back through my columns to see it) – but I know when there is a time to stand your ground.

Now is that time, American Conservatives.

Do not be fooled by disingenuous men offering a blanket for your shoulders, for shrouded within is most likely a dagger for your back.

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