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The Eagle’s Eye

Yesterday, I visited a local theme park with my fiance.

One exhibit there includes an aviary run by an outfit dedicated to the preservation of the American Bald Eagle.

I think it a curiosity worth mentioning that I, a million years ago, once wrote for this outfit.

Now before you go and get your feathers in a ruffle – NO, I have not crossed over to side with a bunch of tree-huggers or people who treat animals better than they do one another.

OK, off track.

I observed these eagles and thought a great deal about what is going on in the world, and about why they were chosen as our national symbol.

I thought about how some founding fathers (Franklin?) equated the bird with vultures (probably the contrarian in whomever – or, tongue-in-cheek as I “think” I remember the same father expressing a desire for the choice of the turkey over the eagle).

But again, I digress.

I was becoming playful with the raptors. 

From my study of them (and animals in general), I have always been fascinated with their behavior, and it was a real treat to observe it up-close and personal.

Most all birds will respond in some fashion if you bend the knuckle of your thumb and begin “smooching” on the knuckle.  The sound emulates somewhat closely that of hungry hatchlings.

The adult birds respond either out of a parental sense, or if they feed on other birds, out of a sense of survival.

The other sound one makes to get a response is that of a hawk.  I think all animals in the animal kingdom respond to this one, as it must be quite a sight to see one of these raptors when they go in for the kill.  They come out of nowhere…silent death from above.

The bald eagles were no exception.

They were fairly sedate when I walked upon them, but became most-active with the input of the stimuli.

The chirping made them become aggressive.

But when I would give the sound of a the hawk, they turned their head’s toward their shoulders and looked skyward with that keen and acutely focued, singular eye.

When I would “keep it up”, even those with their back’s to me would turn their heads around to look at me once they became “aware” of the direction of their cousin’s threat.

As a Scottish-Rite Mason, we have adopted (unofficially) the symbol of the double-headed eagle.

It is emblematic, of course, of the “All Watchful Eye” (that you will see on that infamously tauted “Masonic” symbol on the back of that dollar bill in your pocket) – that eye of God that sees all, including those things that lie deep in the recess of man’s soul.

As I watched those majestic birds, I began to look within my own soul and think about what the all-watchful-eye might be seeing right now, at this delicate point in our nation’s history.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the survival instinct is kicking in…strong.

Some will talk of leaving their perch on the precipice.  Others will stay and wait out the storms, while others still will abandon both to take flight, and soar.

These are, again, the times that try men’s souls.

The eagle has come back from near extinction to its rightful place of prominence as a symbol of America’s greatness.

In my heart, I believe that we Americans will again, one day, follow suit.

That day just happens not to be “in the moment”.

While on the brink of extinction, the eagle came back.

Let us follow his majestic example (and for God’s sake, without the help of tree-huggers – they are, after all, the very essence of this national “mess”). 

We must look deep within our hearts and find that resolve, that “full armor of God” that will allow us not only to persevere through this dark hour, but also, to rebound and come back to prominence, and to do so, with a vengeance.

It is not enough to simply perservere – we must prevail !

Like those majestic birds, we must each take up perch, we must unite as sovereign individuals, and we must turn back the tide that seeks to destroy that individual, soveriegn.

WE the people must remains steadfast to our principles and remember always that while we may be united, we are no collective.

Like those eagles, we are each perched alone, but together, united, we will fight for the good of all those lone, sovereign souls.

It is our strength, and like those beautiful raptors, it is our nature.

For the good of all, may the sovereign’s now unite and fight this collective scourge!

We must do so by maintaining the moral high-ground.  We must move this country back to its fundamentals, those tauted by the brave men and women who chose that eagle as our symbol.

Let us not abandon our ground, but advance it!

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