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Defense, Elitism

Phoenix Rising (?)

So, we have thefirst hundred days in Presidential politics.

Not that they are the same, other than a notification of a big event, but in basketball, there is the half-time buzzer, and in football, the two-minute warning.

In chess, there is the ticking clock that constantly reminds.

Maybe that is what we need in politics, eh?  A ticking clock (or, how ’bout a ticking atom bomb, since all the rage of late is about Obama’s “Nuclear” option on Health Care – nothing like a mega-dose of radiation to cure what ills ya).

You know, I had a wise, old Mountain man tell me one time to never, EVER, do anything at all under duress.  “The sun will always come up tomorrow,” he would say.

It applies beautifully to used car salesmen, and those folk who try and push time shares and condominiums.

I don’t like high-pressure sales.

There is always an agenda.

Somebody is getting a commission.

It is the one guarantee you can count on.

I think the thing I worry more about than this “Great Health-Care Debate” is what else is going on in the world while this transpires?

You want to see something that works?  Look at the aid that is going out to Haiti.

I attended a concert for Haiti last week in Nashville, and they detailed that good works that take place there.

Young children are being saved from lives of slavery and prostitution by Christians there to help feed, house and school certain children.

Of they detailed the horror stories of those who were working the brothels even now; but there is hope being offered.


Now there is a word.

When the prosepect of a nuclear-armed Iran is considered, hope is a pretty big deal.

For example, I hope like hell that team-O realizes that should the radicalized Islamic world attain such a status, there will be nothing holding them back.

I’d hate for the buzzer to buzz, or the two-minute warning to warn…but “hey, Mr. Obama, the chess clock is ticking, so what’s your next move?”.

It is daunting, to say the least, that a giant ego will not accept defeat on a national health care system that really will not amount to a hill of beans should Iran decide to launch an A-bomb.

Giant egos.

I tell you, there is just no room for an ego when the clock is ticking.

Decisive action – now that’s the ticket.

With the ashes of health care being scattered to the four winds, all that they can talk about on Capitol Hill is…health care.

What the hell?

I guess a side-effect of the monumental ego is that one becomes stone-cold deaf.

Well, I’d bet you will hear a nuclear explosion, even through the deafened state brought on by the “preening” of your precious health care system.

Or, maybe not.

Tick, tock.

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