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Signs? of the times

There is inherent danger in taking a microcosm and applying it to the universe.

From my vantage on the precipice, it seems characteristic of the manner in which we seem to want to proceed in our culture.

Think about it.

How often do you hear someone use the word “typical” in reference to someone’s actions, or “typically” when one is referring to some process in which they indulge from day-to-day?

Another example would be “well, you really could have seen that one coming.  I mean, come on (he, she, it) after all is a (man, woman, “it”).

I know from economics course I had in business school that the professors would caution us to make certain distinctions between macro- and micro- economics.

Placing all that aside (as I so often do in this column), I was shopping at a large, retail chain the other day (actually quite a while back) and I wanted some muriatic acid.

We used to use the stuff when I was a life-guard back in college to clean the bottom of the swimming pool.  Work great on concrete and really nasty stuff that has mold or green slime growing out of it…kill is all dead and makes the final product look as fresh as a daisy.

When I ask the attendant in the pool department where to find a gallon of it, his reply was “oh no, we don’t sell that stuff here,” and he acted as if I was a middle-easterner asking for a gallon of atomic boom.

It’s a cleaning agent, for heaven sakes, and he acted as if I’d asked for the power to destroy all of mankind.

Which got me to thinking.

If I wanted to control what my neighbor was doing, right down to the nth degree, what better way than to corner the market on everything (groceries, oil filters, fishing supplies, pool cleaning acids) and then (when my government regulations do not work) simply not stock the materials people need to accomplish the tasks necessary in daily living.

In other words, run everybody else out of business, and then corner what products the populace can actually lay hands on.

Now this is a juicy conspiracy, (especially given the fact that the same, unmentioned, giant retailer is the same giant retailer who had an un-named former upity-up from government sitting on their board of directors – a tree-hugging liberal, mind you, and one who probably detests swimming pools since said someone can no longer fit in said-someone’s bathing attire).

At any rate, the bottom line is, how in the hell do I get my side-walks clean when no one will sell me that beautiful, germ-killing, concrete whitening muriatic acid?

Guess I could make my own, but that defeats the purpose.

I’m a careful individual, after all.  Once the stuff has etched the concrete, I would always use bicarbinate of soda to neutralize it before spraying off the residue with my pressure washer.

But again, the point it, when they can not legislate their (tree-hugging) brand of morality, they then will enter the market place, compete for the front-running position, and then mandate through corporate sponsorship their agenda?

Not-so-conspiratorial when you consider the plight of General Motors, now is it.

Next thing you know, they will cut into my supply of sardines (the only thing keeping me alive in this sick economy the morons have devised).

If there is anything in this world that you like, you’d better begin stockpiling it now…their brand of morality is sure soon to take it away from you.



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