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Who Pays the Piper?

You know the old saying.

So what will be the tune, and who will dance the jig?

The party is, most assuredly, OVER.

The Dems have won.  GAME, SET, MATCH(?).

They now have their “dream scheme”.

Who will pay for it?

Seems a trite and silly question, does it not?

Who voted for the sorry sloths?  Do you think they are going to pay for it?

What is the one positive you can see in all this?

Who pays the piper?

What will the tune be, and who will dance the jig?

For the time being, it appears that we will.  All of us who have faithfully payed our taxes, supported our Nation and done our civic duty.

What happens when that loyal base decides to “cash in” ?

What happens when they decide to stop doing their civic duty?

Who pays the piper then?  And what will the tune be?

Can you imagine?  Paying for a system on borrowed moneys.  Are they going to tax the welfare recipients?  Those mortgage-owners who were “bailed out” ?  How ’bout the automotive industry?  Bill Gates?

Where will the wealth be?  Who will create it?  Certainly not those loyal, tax-paying citizens.

This is, of course, a dooms-day scenario (and one that I feel certain makes Al Quaeda look like flies over the sugar bowl).

Anarchy and upheaval are EXACTLY what the enemy wishes upon our society.  They want to drive economic stratification.  They want class envy.  It is through it that they can achieve the financial meltdown that they’d hoped the twin towers would elicit.

Now we have a political party playing into their very hands…and guess what?  The deciding factor was made based on what our system could do for the good Senator’s home state.

The Mohammedans may just have it right.  It will be sin that could be our downfall.


Fighting others for what others have.  Taking it away and giving it to someone “less” deserving (although, in the end, we will ALL get what we deserve).


There are those who will also see the blood of abortion on our “communal” hands.  Corporal guilt.

We will be guilty of telling our brother’s and sister’s how to live (isn’t there something about removing the splinter from the neighbor’s eye when we have a tree in our own?).

Just stack up the “sins” associated with this health-care system, and you will see that it is much, much greater than meets the eye.

The Slothful…

Big screen Television?  Forget it, lard ass.  You need to get up and find a job.

A dose of WII any one?  anyone?

Looks like your game-playing days are over, dead-head.  Get off your duff and find something productive to do.  Like live.

So slothfullness will be out.


Looks like Nancy Pelosi can kiss her big, old airplane good-bye, right?  (fat chance, Madam lard-butt).

So what sin is that again?  Do as I say, not as I do.

Some leadership, huh?

So the pundits say “we will kick the bums out”.

I’m afraid it is too late for that boys.   The genie is out of the bottle.

I was talking to my Mother this morning, and this is just like being some hard-working man, who comes home one day to find that his wife has sold the kids off to an orphanage (or adoption agency), run up horrendous credit card debt, took out a second mortgage and run off to Mexico with some drug lord named Julio (my apologies to everyone South of the border – it just seemed befitting, somehow).


The United States Congress is that cheating wife.

You know, another thing about sin and virtue.  The bible says there is but one good reason for divorce.  Infidelity.

I submit to you today that our Nation’s government has been unfaithful to us.

They are a cheating, no-count, whore-of-a-wife (and they need to be treated as such).


Now there is another good, biblical principle.

Let’s show these scumbags (and their female counterparts) what shunning looks like.

And let’s not stop there.

Let’s shun all the “constituents” who put their sorry asses in office (and you know who “they” are).

When we (the loyal, law-abiding taxpayers) decide  to no longer “call the tune”, it means simply, that we are no longer paying the piper either.

Let’s try, one last and final, valiant time, to make these totalitarians dance to the tune called for by those paying the piper.

If the last-ditch effort does not work, let’s take our “party” elsewhere.

The iron fist and velvet glove (1′, 1”, 1”’,  1, 2, 3) brought down (finally) the walls of the totalitarian elsewhere in the world – let’s all hope it does not take quite so long to set free once again the unshackled heart of conservatism and the unrestrained and invisible hand of the free market of capitalism, all against this totalitarian political machine borne of Chicago-land (1).

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