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The land of “in-between”


To some, it is known as the back country.  The “no-man’s” land – “outer” Mongolia.

For me, and my exposure to history, it is forever ingrained in my heart as the “land in-between”.

Rich in history and a place of vast resources, I once heard that it would be what would prove in contention to be the makings of the next, “great” war.

It is the land of Ghingus Khan (and the great Khan, Kubla).  It is the land in-between.

It is between China and Russia.

And both, I feel certain have said “never again”.

It was a ruthless tirade that took that poor and much-maligned Mr. Khan on such a tear throughout China, Russia and Europe.

And so now they are pushed into that small area between to the two titans, Russia and China.

So, this is how the world handles the problem-oh children.  Shove them in a corner.

Well, I don’t think it works so well with adults.

Take a battered wife, for example (and thanks to my office mate for pointing out this brilliant analogy)..

Have you heard of the “Stockholm” syndrome?  It is usually described in terms of a bank robbery gone bad that winds up in a hostage situation.  Those taken hostage begin to indentify with the terrorists, begin to make excuses for them, and even come to have some sort of “bro-mance” with them.

Well, I submit to you today that this is exactly what is happening with health care in America.

We are trapped by an abusive spouse (the Federal Government) and we refuse to fight them, so we surrender to them (even our allegiance and our souls).

We are oppressed by them just like a Khan or a hostage-taker and so we seek to make excuses for them.

What would be right would be to turn the frying pan up-side of their heads.

Or, to out-cast them to outer Mongolia.

That would be the right thing.

But, instead, we suffer interminably in that land “in-between”.

Instead of fighting to regain our freedom, we submit to the nonsense.

We become each, wards of the state.

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