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A Paranoid Planet

The following is a piece of fiction.  Again, I iterate, FICTION.  I write it from the standpoint of some, weird, mixed-up futurist who is all wet in what is about to transpire in the next couple of days, and weeks, and months, and years, and … (sometimes, I just can’t let go of something).

It is set in the post-Obamageddon, one-half century away.

A Paranoid Planet

Sid had been living in the new age now for some (almost) 48 years.

He barely remembered a man who someone had told him was his grandfather once telling him tales of some fantasy land where everyone had something called “freedom”.

It was a concept foreign to Sid, and most all those living in the new age.

You see, in the new age, everyone serves the state. No one is capable of independent thought (for Amerika-forbid that any should think for themselves).

Choice is something that was now long-forgotten.

Why get mixed up in worrying with making choices anyhow — Uncle Sam was now so adept at doing it for everybody, and human beings should not have to worry with such trifling matters.

After all, Uncle Sam has a super-computer, for Amerika’s sakes – and it is capable of making all sorts of decisions.  Why, it is programmed with decision loops!  Imagine.  Loops!

On Sundays, Sid and his neighbors all get together down at the warehouse for their “communing” sessions. Some (who have been there since the night before, Saturday, or as some call it “Sexy Saturday”) were still busy either rolling up their amoré-cushions, or, they were still busy putting them to good* use.

In the new age, things were patterned after points in history that many in charge found most-appealing.  Ancient Greece and Rome, Native American Culture, and even African motifs were often sported in the “communing houses” where everyone would congregate on Sunday mornings to yawn, and perform other bodily functions, and to worship the state (Amerika, that is).

Sid would get tingles up his legs and spine when everyone would begin shouting “hail, hail Amerika.

Hail, hail, the new age.  Hail, hail Amerika, this new world”.

Where education was concerned, they hardly used books at all any more. Plato (1, 2, 3) and Pliny (1,2), To Kill a Mockingbird(1), The Last of the Mohicans(2), essentially everything that had been pored-over in the previous century, now was reduced to cliff notes found on the internet.

It was all consistent with that ruling, some fifty years ago-

Both consumers and companies would be slapped with penalties if they defied the government’s mandates”.

Everything, everything, everything in the new age was about mandates.

There were no more choices for anyone, anywhere.

The Madame Fuhrer ensured that for us all, for all perpetuity.

It was she who set the agenda; she who laid the groundwork.  She, who set the wheels in motion for this brave, new age of statism.

All the great works of the past that had warned against falling under the oppressive rule of a state-society gone mad, were forgotten.

They were forgotten in the internet pornography that passed as good knowledge.  Lost in a sea of carnal influence that corrupted all that was good, all that was logical, and all that was sensible.  It was sold for carnal appetites.

It was sold for base, human instinct (animal, really).

And now, the price that is paid is that all suffer at the hands of a cruel master who would put all in dog collars and treat them as slaves.

Under the surface, somehow, Sid sensed that there was trouble peculating at the bottom depths of the witch’s cauldron, and soon, very soon, the lid to the cauldron was going to be thrust skyward in an explosion of pent-up frustration at it’s foolishly restrictive constraint.

No one, Sid thought, was going to keep this lid on this pressure pot for very long.

No strength manifest by Boaz, Hercules, or even Heaven-above would keep this lid held down.

Freedom, even when repressed, finds a way to liberate the enslaved.

Free people will not live in chains, or be fed on state-sponsored porn.

Free people will be free, and think free.

It is the way of the free…to in all ways, always, fight to the death and beyond even the grave those who live and yearn to enslave others with restraints, restrictions and ridiculous regulation.

Such was the time, and such was the place that our Mr. Sid was about to encounter !

Catch more in the next installment of this exciting serial “The Amoral Amerikans“.

* Good (and evil) were relative in the new age.

(1) Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Popular Library, 1962. Print. (2) Cooper, James Fenimore. The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757. Albany New York: Bibliolife, 2008. Print. Books, 1960.

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