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Regal Regulation

It reminds me of the quote from Sigmund Freud.

The story goes that some of his colleagues pointed out to the pillar who founded one branch of thinking on the subject of psychology that his smoking a cigar, by the very definition of human behavior that he founded, constituted an oral fixation.

His classic reply was “sometimes a cigar is just a smoke”.

There is a certain arrogance and pomp in Sir Sigmund’s response.

It would seem there is a similar arrogance going on today in health care.

Over and over we hear the Democrats speak of how it was unregulated capitalism that has caused the nation to be in the state of chaos in which it now exists, and yet…have we not had almost one, whole year of Obama’s brand of regulation?  Where is the prosperity.

But I digress.

Now, the President has come out and stated that for the purpose of the national emergence that is the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, that we must lift federal regulation so that hospitals can cut through red tape to prevent a pandemic.

Why can’t we cut through the same red tape to put people back to work?

Why do we need the red tape in the first place?

Granted, airlines need certain regulations to ensure a certain standard of maintenance and pilot acumen is being met.  I agree with that.

It is an extreme circumstance.

But how extreme is the swine flu?  How much of this is simply playing on basic human psychology and preying upon the fear of a pandemic (that, by the way, may or may not exist).

Have you heard the joke about the fellow standing on a street corner waving his arms?

Guy walks up to him and says “what are you doing, fella?”.

“I’m keeping away the pink elephants,” he replies.

Well, thank goodness someone is keeping away the pink elephants.

In no way do I mean to suggest that the swine flu is a pink elephant.  It is perfectly normal for pigs to be pink, and for socialists to be pinko.

I do know that a pandemic is a very serious thing, and I believe that one death (child or adult) is one too many.

Staying in bed, drinking plenty of fluids for hydration and doing all you can to get healthy and remain healthy is a must.

I feel the same about our economy and our society in general.

So when is it OK to lift regulation?  When it helps your image, perhaps?

Oh well, I suppose Freud was right.

A cigar can be just a smoke, and there are some who will buy a pig in a polk.

The whole thing is making me a bit feverish.

Guess I’ll try and regulate it with some good, common sense and old-fashioned capitalism (I’ll take two store-bought aspirin and go to bed).

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