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Roll ooooon, Big Pachy

Well, have you heard the one that Drudge reported yesterday?

Republicans now outnumber Dems in every, single state in the, “ahem”…union.

Every state!

You know what…this is about a helluva lot more than health care.

In my community (I live in the deep, dark mountains of the deep, dark South – down here,  when we’re born, we come out shooting) – but in my community, they seem to think that over-whelmingly their constiuents support banning concealed carry in our local parks.

Go figure.

I guess our elected officials believe that all the NE liberal Yankees have moved into our sleepy, little town.

Well, wake up geniuses!  We Southern boys are still here, and we are still carrying our guns in spite of your stupid laws.

When the federal government (under Obama, mind you) passes legislation that sais we can carry our guns in the Great Smoky Mountains (protecting ourselves from moonshiners, dope runners and scofflaws making camps up there), and you won’t let us do the same here in our city and county parks – what the hell?

I tell ya what the hell – the officials are a bunch of chicken-shits who think we are going to turn them on them.

Well, guess what geniuses – DO YOUR DAMNED JOBS!

We HIRED you, and yes, we WILL fire you.

Do you actually think your frickin laws mean anything to us now?

You’ve literally pissed right in our faces and down our backs.

The convential wisdom doesn’t lie.

People are turning in droves, back to the conservatives.

They have seen the way you do business.

You are tricky, and you don’t care about your base, you care more about your agenda.

And here is what I believe…brothers and sisters…

I believe it is about more than concealed carry issues in local parks – I believe it is about people being damned tired of having agendas shoved down their throats.

I believe it is about freedom-loving people who are on the verge of literal hand-to-hand in order to get their freedom back.

So pass your damned laws.

Most of us law-abiding citizens are going to ignore the damned things and carry our guns anyhow.

And one more thing –

Don’t tread on a viper that still has its venom – and…its teeth!

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