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Happy Founding Father’s Day

Sorry to be so curt, but it is Father’s day, and I do have a Father (contrary to the popular rumor that I was hatched, or the product of parthenogenesis or some alien “spore dog” that chased its tale in our atmosphere and spun off some microbial flea that through years of evolutionary change resulted in my ilk).

So, on this most auspicious occasion, The Precipice would like to sincerely wish the Father’s who made this country (in all its good and ill) possible, a joyous (and happy) Father’s Day.

FoundingFathers You wanna know what I think would be cool?

Wouldn’t it be cool to track down the descendents of all the Founding Fathers and get them together in a room or a picnic or something?

Wouldn’t it be cool to peer into the faces of the descendants of the men who made this whole “experiment” possible?

Wouldn’t it be cool that if instead of pissing on everything that is good, amiable and useful, that we would instead hold up such “goodness” in high regard?

Wouldn’t it be cool?

But, at the very least, in my little and insignificant corner of the universe that is the pornogrophy of the network, here, I still can be above board.

I still can make a difference.

I still can hold up things worthwhile as not only worthwhile, but also as highly esteemed and a benchmark (or standard) for which we should all (as modern Americans), strive.

So, here’s to you, Ben Franklin.

Here’s to you, George Washington.

And to you, Thomas Paine, and Samuel Adams, and yes, even to you, Paul Revere.

To you, Brother Henry (may we never forget sacrifice) and to you, Brother Hancock.

To all the other fine, fine brethren and extraordinary hearts and minds who made this country.

Our hats are off to you, founding Fathers and to all those men and women who to this day uphold and revere your shining legacy.

May we each live up to your remarkable achievement.

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