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On Jung, “Yute”, Yuppies and Yippie Kai, Yai Yea

A recent conversation with a co-worker, I suppose, has elicited a restless “awakening” on this “late, late” work eve (or more apt, “early, early” pre-work morn); its nature involves symbolism.

Our discussion of Carl Jung had elicited, I suppose, a latent memory of reading Jung in my college days for an advertising psychology class, believe it or not (sorry, Mr. Ripley).

Man and His Symbols is the work, and I remember how “entranced” I was over it.

I still think that Jung, to borrow from the “yutes” – ROCKS.

I woke up thinking about the elephant and the jackass.

Of the double-headed eagle from Freemasonry, and of the one exploded to smithereens in Berlin after we invaded during WWII (remember that the eagle, or some raptor at least, was not only a symbol of America and her freedom, but also of the Nazi as well).

I’ve thought of the slow, plodding of the elephant – resistant to radical change, plodding, but while considered by some to be lumbering, it is always resolute in its path.

And of the donkey, always kicking up its heels when it does not get its way (read about the formation of the Federal Reserve (1, 2) – interesting in light of recent news (1, 2, 3, 4)), or if you’ve ever plowed behind one you will remember its sitting down and refusing to budge right in the middle of a furrow and standing between you and your bountiful harvest.

Well, enough about the lowly jackass.

For some reason the concept of youth has cropped up in the fog and static that is my morning brain (pre-morning, really, at this hour) – of Obama’s victory and the credit that seems so firmly ensconced in their post-hippie, -yuppie, -yippie, yappin-yappie hands.

Of the peace symbol, and of tie-dye and of weed and of an economy that is “up” in the same smoke that is wafting on the same listless wind as their raging ambition and infinite capacity for achievement in life.

The only words that come to mind are “chill out, man”.


I’ve thought of how conservatives and Republicans have been called NAZI’s (yeah, we fit the mold of National Socialists, alright).  I’ve thought of how the hippies literally robbed Churchill’s victory symbol and co-opted it for their “peace” sign (remember that the “V” of index and middle digit in WWII meant something entirely different than what brothers Wavy Gravy and Timothy Leary used it for).

I’ve thought about how symbols get corrupted.  How the “V” for victory became the peace sign, or how Republicans have been compared to National Socialists (NAZIS) – now there is a perversion if I’ve ever heard one – US, SOCIALISTS – that’s beyond the realm of possibility – absolute horse hockey.

But, oh, that plodding elephant.  I keep thinking about the resolve of that dignified beheamoth

Also, about his memory.

An elephant NEVER forgets, you know.


Now, there is a good word.

Never give up, never give in, and never give out (like an elephant).

Well, on that note, it is time for me to turn out the lights.

I now tire of Jung.

And of mis-spent “yute”, and of yuppies. And of Yippies (but for some, odd reason – hippies still amuse me).

Well, come to think of it, there is a Yippie I like too…

Yippie Kai, Yai, Yea, “Pilgrim” !

G’nite all.

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