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Mr. Cellophane

As the line from the old song goes…

“Is it any wonder”.

Should we be suprised?

It would seem that Mr. transparency himself is showing all his cards.  For heaven’s sake, he is a muslim, after all.

Dang, and all this time I thought he was a white hating Trinitarian from the Trinity United Church of Christ.

Let’s see.  This fellow Christ.

Wasn’t it He who taught to “love thine enemy, as thy self” ?

Perhaps the modern humanist has written that out of our “doctrine” (perhaps for being too “white”).

Who knows.

One thing I do know, though – it wasn’t Christ who taunted those people into throwing stones.

No sir.

And I don’t think He would condone suicide bombing either.

But there are those in the Muslim world who would (and no, I do not mean “all Muslims” – I know better – I am a Freemason, and I have Islamic brethren).

But the point here is, not so much about the Mohammedan, but rather, about our Mohammedan.

You know, the one who during the election was “all-about Jesus”.

Now, it would seem, he is in touch with his Muslim roots.

This guy makes William Jefferson “our first black President” Clinton look like the most truthful man to have ever existed.

First he’s a Christian.  Then he is a Muslim.

What’s next, Shin Dao?  Perhaps he is secretly a Shau Lin Monk?  Or, slightly agnostic.

This is their strategy?  They are going to make nice with Iran.

Holy cow (Baal was a cow, right?).

What is this?

OK.  So BO is a Mohammedan now.

I guess that makes me the King of Siam.

Wait a minute.  Could it be.  Delusions of grandeur?

No.  Not from a sitting, U.S. President.

Surely not.


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