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Opression, Defined (or, rather, DEFIED)

There is but one obligation of the free man; it is his only encumbrance.

The free man must always, at all costs, resist chains.

To do otherwise would make him, therefore, enslaved.

A rhetorician would argue that by definition the very need to resist is by default a form of enslavement.

Death itself being the great liberator, there is but a slice of difference in it – for it is in the resistance (just as Christ’s resistance of Satan’s temptation) that we find our great release.

The promised land is simply that.

The free man resisting the chains oppression (including the one of his own heart and mind).

And what are the chains that bind?

Corporations being taken over by a slum lord from throne on high; lofty-minded individuals full of “principles” who seek to inflict and restrain all others by same selfish principle; those who use agenda to control all they survey.

It is their way, or the highway.

The free man would always choose the path that leads to greater freedom.

Our forefathers chose that path.

The liberators of death camps and slaves and those behind the iron curtain sought, selflessly, to take the blessings of liberty to all lands and extend them to all peoples.

Liberty can never be unrestrained for by unleashing it in its entirety, it can, through the liberty of one, inflict restraints on others; the great restraint is in the liberal application of liberty (so much so, that all are truly free).

As the saying goes, our liberty extends to the point that our neighbor’s nose begins.

It is incumbent that we not slug him, irrespective of the temptation.

However, it also incumbent on all who value freedom to take every opportunity to smash the very “taint” of anything resembling enslavement.

At every turn of the screw, at every stab of the knife, we must counter with ever-increasing opportunity for both resistance to the chain, and promotion of greater liberty throughout the world.

This is the hallmark of the American.

This is what defines us.

No matter the cost, we must always defy oppression!

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