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The Swansong(s)

Well, gentle readers, I guess you could tell by my recent posts that I have been getting “way” too personal, and that my tone and mood have been “way” too final.

Admittedly, I have been toying the idea of ceasing and desisting on the publication of “The Precipice” (or, Precipii, as you may wish).

The thing is…I’ve had a crisis of conscious where some of my content has been concerned.

I today empathize with Lee Atwater.

I can’t remember if I’ve written a column about ol’ Lee, but he was essentially one of the pioneers of “attack” politics (one might say he was “causally” in league with the likes of  James Carville, Karl Rove, Jody Powell (predecessor) or Robert Gibbs).

The bottom line, he developed cancer and then became “penitent” for his “evil” ways (the rabid, attack dog of his healthier days).

Some said the same thing happened to someone who I am very much a fan of, Barry Goldwater (1, 2, 3).

Philosophy aside, I remember so vividly seeing him at our local airport when I was just a boy (a very small boy – some believe I really, never, was small, but…), ahem.

It was my memory that his coming to my little town eclipsed even the Reagan revolution.

It was magic.

Anyhow, some said that Goldwater got soft in his old age.

There is a story I once heard that at some point in time a liberal and a conservative got together, sat down, laid out their objectives, and found that they were virtually identical.

The one said to the other “Liberal: be my running mate.”

The conservative pondered, so I am told.  Considered (which is astoundingly remarkable to me, and perhaps a foreshadow of things to come), but ultimately, he declined.

The liberal, if memory serves, was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The conservative…Barry Goldwater.

The bottom line is, the end game may always be the same.

It may be that both “think” they know what is “best” for America.

Now, as we watch history unfold before our eyes, we are seeing the genesis of the methodology one would use to achieve these “grand” objectives (round up the usual suspects).

OK, so I’m diverging.

The point is, we all may have a crisis of conscious at varying times (often tied to varying events).

The bottom line, after careful consideration, there is no way in hell that I will close “The Precipice”.

I owe it to my readership to continue publishing, and further, I owe it to my country.

Any who truly believe in freedom MUST shout the truth from the rooftops.

The Precipice is my vantage, and as long as you look up, you will find this raptor on its edge quietly peering down and awaiting his opportunity to descend on his prey.

I could become “terminal” tomorrow (thank God I haven’t, yet) – but if I did, I believe that someone, even if only a lone specimen, somehow that lone eagle will continue to soar.

Long live freedom of speech, long live The Precipice, and long live America (for, all of the above means, long live me and thee).

Until next time, readers – keep on soaring above the clouds with your eyes forever fixed on the rats below.

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