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The Edge Gives Way

The eagle’s talon this week have found themselves grasping at loose rock.

All you base jumping, loyal fans beware.

The Precipice is a high perch, and from its lofty height one can view (most) all things (grand, ain’t it?).

But it is a long way down (thank God for wings).

It has been my (ahem) firm commitment to keep all (yeah, right) things personal off the pages of the Precipice.  Those of you who have followed since its inception will remember the various sites and providers we have used (I went back and checked our posts and we have been with WordPress for well-more than a year now…doesn’t seem possible – but we have received no ill complaints and I’m relatively happy here as publisher-in-chief).

Well, on to the personal items.

An eventful week.

A friend approached me about another friend who is what many modern (and mainstream) Christians are referring to as “seekers” (I don’t particularly like this term, but I’m not expending the brain juice to come up with one better, so, it suffices).

Essentially, it set me to thinking about this whole “process” of getting sheep into the fold (and more apt, keeping sheep in the fold).

Now, this takes on whole new meaning if you apply the concept of witness to that of “statesmanship”.

Specifically, I reference the news that the GREAT state of Oklahoma has (for all intents and purposes) declared its sovereignty.


As a sovereign individual, I applaud them (I wish Tennessee had that kind of backbone).

I’m not “in the army now”, and I’ll be damned if I’m taking orders from anybody.

While the United States militia is for all intents and purpose a “purely” socialist entity (we are yo momma and yo daddy boy – yo in the army now) – I’m still a freeborn man, and a capitalist.

Screw the army (and the rest of the quasi-socialist entities).

But I had a friend the other night ask me “Do you really think the federal government is going to allow them to do that?” (declare sovereignty, that is).

Well, let’s think about that.

What can they do to stop them?

Our troops are spread out over the entire planet.

If they were to turn troops on Oklahoma, every state in the Union would reconsider its “affiliation”.

There is nothing wrong, that I can see, with being sovereign.  It simply means that like all Americans, you ain’t gonna put up with anybody’s crap.

Now, that’s the real American way.

But back to the analogy.

I got to thinking about the symbol of the minister, preacher, deacon and warden (generally, any leader of the flock) – the staff.

You know, so many think it is used to prod the strays back into the fold.

I grew up around farm animals, so I know what it is to get them in a line, keep them in a line and “herd” them to a coral or through a chute, or into a trailer or up on a truck.

You do have to try and keep them in line, or else the whole heard resorts to its true nature and scatters to the winds.

Now, I’m from the school that ascribes to “gentle” prodding.  Just a poke in the shoulder.

If one escapes, I’ll let it go.  Round it up later, after I’ve corralled the herd.

But I don’t believe in beating them bloody.  I’ve known some who do.

The other thing that most people do not realize is that prodding is not something one had to do very often with a well-trained herd.

They typically just fall into routines.

They follow the leader (the other a-hole out in front of him).

It’s their nature.

The real use of the prod is not so much to keep them in line, but rather, to keep the wolves at bay.

That is when the stick becomes weapon (not unlike many Christians who turn it against the flock – man, I’ve not been physically abused, but the kinds of mental torture I’ve endured at some of their “PSYOPS” “witnessing” have been worse than any physical pain I’ve endured, and that includes football, wrestling, boxing and long-distance hikes.

Once they get to thumpin’ them bibles, you can sometimes feel like you are caught inside a drum.

I believe that if you look at the predicament faced by B.O., you see the same concept at work.

He has a “straggler” in Oklahoma.  Texas too (you listening, Tennessee??? “T” for Tejas, “T” for Tanasai).

How he proceeds will shape what the rest of the herd will do.

To my friends who ask “do I really think the Federal Government will allow this?”, I respond “do you think they really have a choice?”.

If BO turns his staff on the Oklahomans, he’ll wind up fighting that battle all over.  As each state declares its independence from BO’s staff and sceptor, so too will they declare their National Guardsmen.

Then what?  Civil war?

I think not.

Essentially what we have is something like a massive weight that is pressing down on the states, and all their citizenry.

Something has to give when that kind of pressure is applied.

You see the same happening right now with California and the President’s approach to it.

This is not the time for a cavalier attitude, nor is it the time to wield that staff like a weapon.

Your sheep are not the problem.

It is the cruel master who usually suffers when his critters “turn on him”.

But this is the true nature of radicalism.  It doesn’t care about people, it only cares about its agendas and its objectives.

This is what happens when undue pressures are applied and applied unfairly (and what undue pressure is not unfair).

I don’t think I need to iterate them here for you, but what the hell (wouldn’t want any to misconstrue) – the dismantling of capitalism, the powergrab with the money in the banks (or with the seats in the Senate), the “fairness” doctrine (gag order), doing away with the secret ballot used to vote a union in or out, redistribution of wealth through home loans and bailouts, essentially absorbing US corporations (banks, automotive) and then dictating who their CEO’s will be (and being “choosy” in who gets multi-million dollar bonuses and who does not)…this list can go on, and on, and on, and on.

If this is not turning the staff against the flock, then I do not know what is.

Now, this Christian believes whole-heartedly in stating a case for the “sheeples”…let the sheep decide between staying within the boundary of the trail and the staffs that man its flanks, or to go out into the wilderness and take their chances with the wolves.

Now, I’m someone who has spent a lot of time in the wilderness, and I like it (but, then, I am a Shepherd – literally)…I’m not afraid because I know the secrets of dealing with the wolves.  I know how to keep them at bay.

It is unfortunate, but most of the flock does not.


You’re damned right.

Self-righteous?  I’ll just let you decide that one.

The fact is, I would NOT want to be in the Chief Shepherd’s shoes right now.

There are grumblings within the herd, and when the herd ain’t happy…

Add the storms of pestilence, disease, war and famine (joblessness) to the mix, and you have the makings for an epoch period of colossal, biblical proportion.

How to avert it?

I would say that the staffs should only be wielded as weapon when there is real peril that the herd will be attacked by wolves.

When you have a so-called “seeker” wishing to join the herd, be leery, but also, be especially gentle and careful with that soul.

When they come into the flock, you want them to feel comfortable being there.

The wilds are a crazy place (and, as I said, I prefer them as I don’t have to deal with a bunch of a-hole following a-holes)…but, I know what it is like to come back into the herd as well.

Its kinda stark and lonely beyond the perimeter of the pathway.  There is much more opportunity to “do good” out there, but there is a sigh of relief within the ranks.

Life inside the herd can be a comfortable place, but under the leadership of a cruel Shepherd, it can be horrendous – so much so, I’d prefer dealing with the entire universe of wolves (and all their predatory cousins).

So, the eagle flies and seeks another perch on high, another precipice in which to latch his talon (don’t worry WordPress – it will be within your universe).

God, here’s hoping that it is always solid ground (dolomite) looking down on fertile hunting ground!

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