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The Networks of Propaganda


Syllables: prop-a-gan-da
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pra pE gaen dE

Definition 1. information, allegations, or opinions that are deliberately and methodically disseminated to promote or attack a particular doctrine, movement, nation, or the like.

Now, here is my definition.

I woke up this morning and flipped through the major network’s morning “news” programs.

One was running a story about Michael J. Fox.  You remember him.  He is the actor from “Back to the Future” and some family show on TV about the children of a household run by a father who works for some fictional, PBS-type network (always doing the fund raisers, taking on all the causes in the world – essentially chasing wind mills like Don Quixote).

In Greek mythology, Cronus ate his own children to avoid having them over take him as he had previously done to his own Father, Uranus.

Michael J. Fox supports the use of embryonic stem cells so that he (and others like him) can live and prosper at the expense of aborted babies.  He keeps his “star status” at the expense of the innocents.


Now there’s another country heard from.

Flip the channel, and another of the stellar network news outfits is running a piece about Sarah Palin.


It basically illustrates that she considered an abortion.  That is all that the piece shows.

In your heart, when you watch her (Palin) describing the situation – she was out of town, no one would have known, her husband didn’t even know of the baby’s condition (Down’s), how no one was watching and none would be the wiser – basically mulling the possibility of an abortion…and the whole time I’m watching the piece my heart is screaming “BUT”…

Well, the network news channels does not air the “but I would have known…but GOD would have known”.  They leave it at that and report that Palin admits to considering an abortion.

Just as Cronus preyed on his own offspring, so do the networks prey on all that is good and worthy in this world.

I noticed just yesterday that B.O. had the image of Christ removed from behind him someplace he was giving a speech.

All the children of Cronus were basically the pantheon of Greek gods, the Olympians.  He basically is foiled with Zeus as someone wraps a rock in a blanket when he “thinks” he is consuming Zeus.  Zeus grows and forces Cronus to eject his brothers and sisters.

Too bad it doesn’t work that way in real life.

We could give the heimlic maneuver to Michael Fox and all the other abortionists and have them cough up all the children they have consumed to treat their diseases.

The problem is, there is no cure for this disease.  They covet life itself, and they don’t care who they kill to sustain it.

I guess I can still quote Christ, even though He is being removed from the presence of our public officials…”suffer unto the little children, let them come unto me”.

It is here that I find my hope, not in Obama or the network news channels that support him through their very real propaganda.

If you are interested, here is the story that runs in one of the online papers this morning about Palin’s REAL message, as opposed to the one network news chose to run.

I’ve seen how dictionaries define propaganda.

I define mine as anything you see on ABC, CBS, NBC (or anyone else who supports Obama, abortion, or the removal of Christ from our lives).

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