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The Role of a POW

Whether it is “officially” true or not, I have not researched, but I’ve always been of the impression that the role of a prisoner of war is to “harass the enemy” (1, 2, 3, 4).

Right now we have an example of extreme bravery in the Captain of this pirated ship, and the most extreme form of cowardice from our leadership.

This boat is surrounded by our Naval forces.  You KNOW they have any number of .50 caliber machine guns trained on this ship.

The Captain makes an escape attempt, and the Navy does not open fire on the boat?

What the hell are they negotiating?  It sure as hell does not appear that it is for the Captain’s life.

But I do not blame our soldiers.  I blame their commander.  Specifically, their Commander-in-Chief.

Had any rational individual been “leading” this effort, they’d have (at the very least) “scuttled” that lifeboat.

I’d have already had frogmen underneath it wiring up a charge to sink it.

Once the Captain hit the waters to escape, I’d have given the bastards something else to think about, like their sinking boat.

This reminds me of Carter’s rescue attempt way back so long ago to rescue our hostages in Iran (you remember, when the helicopter with that brave force of, what was it, eight men – the chopper crashed in the desert before the “mission” could ever get in full swing) .

That was a fiasco as well.

What this boils down to is basically the leadership skills of a ninny.

In fact, it is a misnomer to define it as leadership at all.  It more resembles sabotage.

And this is the same man who is taking over half of our banks, the automotive industry (and God knows what else), firing their executives and I am certain putting men in control of these banks and industries who are every bit as competent a leader as is he.

This is travesty!

You had your chance, and you missed it.

You fell back on your ways of negotiating with your enemies.  You can not negotiate an enemy army to stop their onslaught.  You can’t “hustle” your way out of it.

Think of this.  If you had a bank full of hostages and the hostages all escaped, don’t you think the SWAT team would rush the bank and take out the bad guys?

The problem in this is, B.O. doesn’t recognize that there are “bad guys” in this world.  He thinks he could “turn the heart” of even Charles Manson.

Well, there is no doubt in my mind that Manson defines crazed evil, and I believe that these pirates down Somalia way are really just the profit center, if you will, for the terrorists.

So we see, precisely, just how committed our President is to fighting our enemy.

When you lose an opportunity in this game, you may very well have lost the entire country.

We can not afford more lost opportunities.

I’m sure the good Captain on the boat feels pretty much just like the rest of America.  Why try if your “friends” are going to do absolutely nothing to help you?

For me, this defines our President.

We will do everything we can to “right” a situation (like a hostage stand off, or the righting of the mega-ship that is our economy), and he will do nothing to help us.

He will simply stand there with his thumb up his backside while the enemy recaptures us, or he fills our most noble corporate enterprises with what I am sure are even more tax-evading scum-bags, placing them like puppets as their new CEO’s.

There can be no doubt in my mind that this poor Captain represents (and I hate doing this at his expense), but he represents a metaphor for us all.  We are all held in captivity, but it is the captivity of incompetent and corrupt leadership, and an enemy who not only recognizes this, but will, just like sharks, follow the blood trail in the water.

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