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“Failure” Analysis

One last observation about this morning’s N. Korean missile launch.

In watching C-SPAN over b’fast, I caught a one, Victor Cha (analyst from the Bush admin., Senior fellow at Stanford) discussing the launch, I happened to think about some days I spent on a gun range (he has some brilliant insight, by the way).

I met many men honing their shooting skills, but there was one fascinating story I heard from several people there about law enforcement personnel who would hone their skills at shooting “less than perfect”.

They did so to bolster their own defenses in our legal system.  It is so perverted that if they have a record of shooting close to 100% and then hit a criminal in the heart, they are held liable in our courst systems (for if you are such a good shot, why did you not hit the fleeing man in the knee, in spite of the fully-automatic weapon he is carrying).

Well, if you only score 70% on your shooting trials, your defense is simple.

“I was aiming for his knee, but I hit his heart”.

An enemy could use such obfuscation so that his adversary would under-estimate his accuracy and strength.

In so doing, an attacking enemy would over-whelmed by a force he had not anticipated.

While this is not necessarily the case where N. Korea is concerned, a good general always considers every scenario.

While officially it is called a “failure”, I think the launch achieves one thing – it brings America’s leadership out into the open.

When we did not respond with the use of our missile shield, what message is that sending?

I suppose, the same.

It can be good never to give up your position (don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes).

At any rate, ambling I know, but just wanted to throw it out there.

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